Marketing Baby Products to Mothers: What You Need to Know

Do you know the worth of the global baby product market? According to Statista, it’s worth $10.3 billion. In fact, this market is expected to continue its growth for years to come. To those of you who plan to build an online business by selling feeding bottles, bathing accessories, and baby clothing, the stats mean one thing: Now is the best time to start.

After all, who doesn’t need baby products? Mothers do, as they are the primary caregivers of babies. If you are to begin an ecommerce store, it’s important to equip yourself with the knowledge needed to effectively promote your baby products. That said, pay close attention to the demands of new mothers because they are the best persons that know how to keep their babies healthy and make them feel good.

When it comes to promoting baby products to moms, there are some things you should consider. We’ve prepared a useful guide for you.

Make it About Them

While baby products are in demand, unfortunately, you can’t market to babies. You market to mothers, which is why you ought to craft messages that win their trust and loyalty. Mothers are multidimensional beings and play many roles. One way to know the topics that appeal to mothers is to visit mom blogs and check what kind of topics they write about. You’ll see posts that revolve around “non-toxic,” “organic,” and “nanotechnology.” It would also help to check discussions on Facebook groups and discussion websites.

Know What Worked

Whether or not this is your first time to market to mothers, it pays to know what ecommerce business owners like you did to succeed. Most marketing techniques hold true to nearly all ecommerce niches, and all you have to do is tap into existing resources that give you valuable marketing advice. For example, you’d want to read quotes from expert ecommerce marketers that show you the best secrets to running an ecommerce store.

Find Influencer Moms

Mothers are known to be heavy users of social media. They want to share their experiences with their child to other moms like them. Moms spill secrets and trade baby care techniques. If you leverage the power of influencer marketing, make sure to use influencers who are mothers themselves. Recommendations from people who your mom audience can relate to are likely to translate into sales. Mommy influencers are a powerful force as they’re looked up to as trustworthy voices than brands.

Make It Quick

As much as you want to be comprehensive with your messages, you should understand that moms are the busiest. So if, for example, you write a blog post or show them a Facebook ad, get straight to the point. They should know what’s in it for them at a glance of their screens – especially if they’re in the middle of a chore. Being fast also means that you leverage a fast delivery service. There’s nothing that delights a mommy customer more than receiving her baby products in a short period of time.

Go Mobile

To effectively position your brand in front of moms, you need to optimize your website for mobile devices. Why? Millenial mothers use their smartphones to go online. Mobile devices are more convenient especially that moms are able to list grocery items, visit Facebook, take pictures of their babies, and communicate with family members at once. Check that your website displays products beautifully on different screen sizes. Fonts should be big enough for them to read.

A Final Note

There’s a huge opportunity that awaits in the baby products market. Regardless of the marketing tactics you follow to reach out to new mothers, always provide value. As the primary buyer of baby items, pay attention to their needs.

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