Save Time for Your Small Office Team

Working with only a small team to keep your business going presents a challenge. You often all need to pitch in with various types of assistance to make sure everything gets done. Even if everyone has a specific role, it’s sometimes “all hands on deck” if you want to avoid huge gaps in productivity. Working for a startup or small business can mean that there’s never a moment’s rest or very busy periods followed by slow ones. But, however your days go, there’s not a moment to waste when things are busy. If you want to get more done, saving time for your staff is extremely helpful.

Find the Money to Update Your Tech

When you have a small business, it’s not always easy to budget for staying up to date. But being able to keep up with your competitors is important, and it helps your team to perform better too. Slow and out of date technology can slow you down, so finding the money to update it can make a huge difference. Swapping out an old computer for a slightly newer and faster one can drastically affect someone’s productivity. And doing it for everyone in your office can have an effect greater impact. Updating your software or getting a new printer could help you make some big changes too.

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Time to Hire a Cleaner?

When you have a small office team, you often keep the office clean by getting everyone to pitch in. Everyone cleans up after themselves and shares the duties of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene. But this can take up people’s time and sometimes mean they’re using their breaks to clean and tidy up. If you want to free up everyone’s time, it might be time to hire a cleaner. Take a look at to find out about the services that are available. You can choose hours to suit your business. A good cleaner should be able to meet your needs, no matter how big or small.

Improve Your Communication

Poor communication can waste a lot of time among small office teams. Even though there’s only a few of you, you can still find that everyone is struggling to communicate effectively. One of the best things you can do is set rules and parameters for communication, so people know when they need to share information with each other and who they need to talk to. See for tips on improving communication at work.

Hire Virtual Staff

If it’s time to take some of the burden from your team, but you can’t afford to hire anyone else, you should consider hiring virtual assistants. They could be a much more affordable option to making permanent hires, and you can free up your employees’ time so that they can focus more on their primary roles. ┬áThe best thing to do might be to think about which tasks you usually share between your team members and consider whether they could be done by one person remotely.

If you can save time for your office staff, they might be more productive. You could raise office morale by showing that you value their time.

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