Renovating Your Office to Go Green: A Few Simple Tips

If you feel like your office building is looking tired, and less than inspiring for your employees, you can implement some changes that will not only improve the atmosphere in the workplace, but also your overall energy efficiency. You will need to make some changes that will create a green culture in the office, and help you save money on heating and air conditioning at the same time. Find out more below.

Double Glazing

One of the most important things you need to pay attention to is your building efficiency. Insulate the walls, cover the gaps and cracks, and change the low-performing windows. This will give your employees more comfort, and improve the safety of your office at the same time. If you would like to maintain the security, you can now get safer energy-efficient front doors that are reinforced and still keep the heat in.

Solar Panels

It is easy to install solar panels on flat roofs, provided that the structural strength of your building can stand the extra weight. If you just have an office in a block, you can still improve the efficiency of the building by getting windows that have solar batteries attached. Power your lighting and your office coffee machine using renewable energy, and reduce your monthly bills at the same time.

Natural Light

To reduce your electric bills, you might want to add more natural light. Ceiling glass bricks, or over the door windows can improve the lighting in your offices. You will also need to allow your employees to control the light, according to their needs. You can contact Commercial Blinds & Glazing Ltd to find out more about the most efficient blinds and shades. You might even be able to get one that reduces the heat loss through the windows.

Eco-friendly Materials

When renovating your offices, it is important that you use eco-friendly materials. You might get some reclaimed wood to create your front desk and some of the kitchen furniture. Avoid plastic and metal, and go for traditional, natural furniture that is ethically sourced. Create a style that will make your office building a real asset and appealing to both employees and customers.


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To improve the air quality in your office, try to go for an efficient air conditioner, and open the windows regularly. Adding a bit of greenery will not only improve the air quality, but also the mood of your workers. From cactuses on the desks to a palm tree in the corner, you can reduce harmful toxins in the air, without having to pay the high price. If you have a flat, step-proof roof, you can even set up your own office garden for people to relax in during breaks.

When planning the renovation of your office, it is important that you choose sustainable, long-lasting materials and make the most out of natural light and renewable energy sources. Create a space that you, your workers, and even your children could be proud of, and cut your energy bills at the same time.

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