Top Features of HR Management Software

There are many HR management software options from various developers. A quick search online will yield thousands of HR software products. However, not all of them can provide what you need. If you want something that truly serves its purpose, you need to make sure the HR management software you choose has the features that will be useful for your business or organisation.

The following are some of the most important features every human resource management software should possess.

Employee Scheduling/Task Scheduling

Every HR management software should have this feature. The scheduling of labour or manpower is vital for any HR management platform. It organises the assignment of tasks and the planning of manpower. It makes it easy to implement adjustments since all the relevant details can be accessed through a single interface.

Performance Evaluation

This is another important feature every HR software should have. To better manage employees, it’s important to have a way to evaluate their performance. There has to be a system for tracking the progress of assigned goals and jobs. Various signals and inputs can be captured to come up with objective HR evaluations. Time tracking and attendance management functions, by the way, are already included in this performance evaluation feature. Of course, these are basic functions useful for doing performance evaluation.

Payroll Management

Payroll software may be available as a separate standalone software. However, it will be advantageous if your HR software already comes with a payroll management function. It makes the handling of payroll and employee data faster and more efficient. Why spend on extra software when you can have it built-in with your HR management software?

Recruitment and Applicant Monitoring

Good HR management software should also include functions to make recruitment and applicant tracking much easier. Application documents can be stored in the software, so the monitoring of applicants can be made more efficient and organised.

Analytics and Reporting

It will be highly advantageous if the software you choose comes with analytics and reporting features. Considering the amount of data you compile using the software over time, it would be great to process it into useful information to help in making decisions. Similarly, it would be very helpful if you could quickly come up with reports based on the information you have in your HR management software.

Ability to Integrate with Other Systems

Lastly, it is important to choose a human resource management software that can be integrated with other business software such as your accounting software. As much as possible, all of the business software you are using should be linked to make it easier to share and process important business data. Bear in mind that it’s not only a single department that needs to use the data stored in business software. Everything will have to be eventually pooled in unified reports and presentations to facilitate decision making.

If you are thinking of getting HR management software, don’t forget to take the features briefly discussed above into account. Together with the other factors such as price and dependability, they should help you find the best software.

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