Three Purposes for Air Compressors and What To Know Before You Buy One

Air compressors aren’t generally one of the first things you think of buying for the home. However, did you know that there’s a surprising number of uses for this tedious sounding equipment?

Here, you’ll discover three purposes for air compressors you may not have thought about. You’ll also discover the top things to consider when buying an air compressor to sit your needs.

What can air compressors be used for?

Air compressors are potentially one of the most underrated pieces of equipment you can invest in for the home. They have so many different uses and just three of them include:

Cleaning up – Air compressors can make clean-up around the garden and garage much quicker and easier. It can be used to blow away leaves, chippings and all kinds of other debris. Just be sure to wear some safety goggles to prevent debris from getting into the eyes and turn the air compressor down to a maximum of 30psi.

It’s also important to remember not to try and clean yourself! This can be potentially dangerous.

Tyre inflation – Another great use for an air compressor is tyre inflation. Whether the tyres on your car are in need of a top-up, or you need to inflate your kids bicycle tyres – an air compressor is a great tool to have on hand. It can even be used to blow up footballs if they start to get a little flat!

Painting – One of the more creative uses for an air compressor, is to use it to airbrush paint. You’ll need quite a small sized compressor, but once you have the right one, you can use it to give your vehicle a fresh new look.

Things to consider before buying one

Did you know there are different types of air compressors you can invest in? There’s a few factors you’ll therefore need to consider to ensure you end up with the right one.

Firstly, you need to consider what it’s going to be used for. When you buy an air compressor from a company such as SGS, you’ll discover different compressors come with varying warranties. Some are designed for domestic use, while others are designed for semi-professional use.

Other factors to consider include whether you want an oil or non-oil compressor, which tank size you need and what your CFM requirement is. It’s really important to take all of these factors into account before purchasing the right air compressor for you.

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