Balancing Life As A Working Mum

If you’re a mummy boss, there are a lot of problems you can face on a regular basis. Women are very capable when it comes to the working world, and it needn’t stop you from having a family at the same time. However, it can sometimes get a little hard to keep up with both sides of the equation. Of course there’s no harm in that, we all get stressed out from time to time, but don’t let it become a chronic stressor in your life!

Balancing your life as a working mum is going to take a bit of planning, and that’s going to take a little more time out of your day. However, it’s going to improve your quality of life, so it’s worth doing. So if you’re running a business on your own, here’s some tips on making sure your family is equally as important as staying on top of your game.

Spend Less Time at Work

Spending less time at work? Won’t that mean you’re not getting the right amount of work done? Doesn’t it mean you’re going to have to take the files home with you and continue well into the night at the kitchen table? All in all, it doesn’t have to mean any of that!

So spending less time at work might be the last thing you want to do, after all you’re running your own business. But it can mean you’re putting more quality work into your hours when in the workplace, and then getting a good amount of time at home with the ones you love. Set yourself up a schedule to try and stick to as much as you can, and make sure you’re getting all of the hardest tasks out of the way when you turn up to the office.

Organise at Night

Getting organised is one of the hardest things to do when you’re a working mum. The kids need waking, dressing, feeding, and then dropping off to school in the morning, and then you’ve got a good 8 hour shift ahead of you. It sounds exhausting even thinking about it! However, cutting out the unnecessary stress of this kind of lifestyle is a lot simpler than most of us might think.

Pack any lunches the night before, and stick them in the fridge until morning. Similarly, pick out your clothes, and get the kids to pick out their uniforms, before you all go to bed. It immediately cuts out a good 10 minutes or so of rushing in the morning, which you can dedicate to a calmer breakfast or a cup of coffee (or even a few more minutes in bed!).

Automate Your Business Operations

Efficiency is something we all want more of in our working lives, and when tasks take time it can seriously demotivate us. However, this is no place for you to lose sleep over. If you have something you need to do day by day when you’re working, try to automate the process. This is a lot easier than you think it might be, seeing as you’re most likely using a computer in your daily to do list already! So

Depending on the kind of business you’re in, it’s also worth taking to the digital world to look after the money you’re bringing in. ‘But surely that’s my job as the owner?’ you ask; you’ll still be overseeing everything your program is doing, but from a distance, allowing you to keep an eye on other areas you may be lacking in. It’s this constant worry over where the next thousand pounds or so is going to come from which distracts you from tasks such as actually marketing your efforts properly!

Making your money off of a computer sometimes seems like a risky option, but algorithmic trading is there to make sure your business can keep up with all the developments in the financial world across the globe. There’s a good chance you’re going to be asleep when there’s a crash in Japan, and you’re not going to be able to do anything at the time. Let the program do the work for you, ready and waiting for you to wake up from that much needed kip to continue your work without much incidence.

Balancing life as a working mum isn’t as impossible as the world likes to tell you. You need time at work, on your own, and as a family. It’s time to start prioritising!

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