Power Photography and What It Means for Your Business

Staying in business today has become quite complex and difficult. For one, there are a lot more companies fighting over the same “piece of the pie”. Do your research and you will find that there are hundreds of companies offering basically the same products and services. How to choose? Who to choose? And the least innovative providers, those who do not know how to market themselves well, fold, as they could not generate any interest for themselves from the market – website, flyers, and all.

Marketing your company in the age of the Internet is quite easy. All you need is a website, an SEO expert, social media accounts for promotions, and voila! The world is supposedly your oyster already. But then again, to be seen is one thing, to be considered as a potential business partner is another.

Winning the Battle of Projection

Websites are a dime a dozen. There are a lot out there that look haphazardly done. There are those that look like all the other forgettable websites. Their common denominator? They are not professionally made or if they seem they are, they lack that certain “oomph” that make their readers want to stay and browse some more. There is definitely a lot to be learned about the power of projection.

Rule of thumb in corporate marketing – pictures first before words. It has been scientifically proven that people first notice pictures than words. The secret then is out of the bag. Invest in pictures and let them tell the story of who you are and what makes you stand out from the rest. In other words…project!

Power Photography: Where Perception is Everything

Do you want to communicate teamwork as a recipe of your success? Stage a photo with your team suggesting a lively brainstorming activity. Do you want to be seen as a company that values employee growth and development? Snap that candid shot in training! The pictures, if cleverly done using the right lighting, angles, and vantage points, will tell those stories for you.

Power photography is a valuable tool through which you can communicate and engage your website visitors. It can tell a compelling story of grit, character, passion, excellence, and even corporate social responsibility – characteristics and values that are worth projecting if you would like to be considered as a legitimate player in your own industry.  Always remember, perception is everything!

You may choose to harness that budding, creative photographer in you by wielding those almighty smart phones and taking snaps by yourselves or, and if your budget allows it, engage the services of a business photographer. The investment is truly worth it!

It is never too late to win the battle of projection for your business. Power photography is all it takes. What are you waiting for? Take a pose…PROJECT!

Image: Free-Photos

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