Three Marketing Secrets that Will Get Your Accounting Start-Up Noticed

It’s not a secret that the majority of new start-ups often end up failing, with many of those failures happening in the first year of operation. There are all kinds of factors that can lead to the failure with finances being the top reason and then other factors, such as a lack of motivation or focus, getting bad advice, and just a lack of understanding on how to operate and market a business in general.

If you are currently just finishing up your online bachelors of accounting with the goal of opening up your own accounting company as soon as you graduate, then you obviously want to be sure you don’t end up as another failure statistic. Sure that bachelors of accounting will prepare you from a knowledge standpoint, but you need to have more than knowledge in the field in order for your business to succeed.

Here we’ll share three marketing secrets that will help to get your brand new start-up noticed, which will, of course, help increase your odds of success.

Get a Website Up and Running Immediately

The number one top priority in your marketing plan should be to build a website and have it go live as soon as possible. Nowadays, websites are an absolute necessity. It’s how people find you, it provides you with a way to engage with customers, and it gives you a chance to start building credibility in the industry. Your website instantly increases your level of professionalism and authenticity, which in turn helps to create trust in your “brand”.

And while you’re at it, don’t just stop at the website; you’ll also want to get on all the top social networks. One of the biggest secrets to marketing nowadays is that you shouldn’t be selling yourself or your product. Instead, focus on engaging with potential customers. Social networks are the perfect place to do this. You can also link back to content on your website and vice versa.

Start Blogging

You’ve probably read about the importance of blogging a number of times by now, and maybe you’re sick of hearing about it, but there’s a reason people keep suggesting it as a useful tip. Blogging truly does help to build your business.

When you add a blog to your website, it helps boost your Google rankings, which means more people are likely to find your company. Not only that but it starts to create an image of yourself as an industry leader, an expert, someone who really knows their content. From a client’s point of view, this is the kind of person they want to trust with their accounting needs.

Identify Your Target Client

The final tip is to make sure you know exactly who your target client is so that you can figure out the best path in reaching them. Your target client can’t be “everyone”; you need to hone in on a specific audience.

Put the Secrets to Good Use

Now that you’ve uncovered the top three secrets to marketing success, it’s time to put them to good use.

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