3 things every network marketer must do to become successful

The best way to be successful in any kind of industry is to look at successful people and analyse their skills, their tactics and learn from their actions. Multi-level marketing is no different. When you study the top earners within the world of network marketing, you begin to notice many similarities. Of course, they have different backgrounds, personalities and upbringings, but their attitude, pattern of behaviour and work ethics are all very similar.

You may think that you need this success before you start recruiting with confidence, but this is not true. Whether you are 1 month or 10 years into your network marketing career, all you need is to do is be self-assured and assertive. Here are the most important 3 things every network marketer must do become successful in this continuously rising business industry.

Be a product of your product

Whatever your chosen business for network marketing, it’s really important to genuinely have love and appreciation for the product or service you are selling. People can see straight through a fake act. What is the best way to fall in love with your product? Become a product of it, use it consistently and make it a part of your life.

If you use this product yourself, it’s going to be really easy to sell it; you won’t even really need strong sales skills. This is the best part and probably the most important; all you have to do is promote yourself using the product and show the positive effects, results or outcome the product has given you. It’s subtle and will draw people in without them even knowing it.

Think about when you get one of those cold sales calls for a new energy supplier, if you’re not actually interested in changing your energy supplier, you don’t even listen to what they have to say, as soon as you realise they are selling you something, a wall goes up. However, they may actually be selling you a really amazing offer that actually suits you better, but the truth of the matter is; people don’t like to be sold to.

If you are simply promoting how a product has changed your own life, it stops the ‘sales wall’ from going up and you will find over time, people will become more and more interested in what the product has done for you and they will want one for themselves!

Sponsor – don’t recruit

Apart from selling, the other part of network marketing involves ‘recruiting’ other people just like you to bring into the business and you build profit from the sales they make. How to be successful in this part? Don’t look at it as recruiting, look as though you are sponsoring. The more happy, trained and content they are within the business, brings you more success, so take time to train them, celebrate their success and support them when things get difficult.

Sponsoring and selling can sometimes also send out conflicting messages. If one minute you are posting on social media about how amazing a product is and how much you love it and then in the next breath you are showing off about how much money you have made and how successful you have been, it can scare away your sales as they will see you in a completely different light.

Try and avoid talking about money or income publically as a rule. It is something you can share privately with your potential team recruits because let’s face it, money is one of the main reasons people do anything, but avoid posting about it publically at all costs. Success will shine through in the form of confidence and happiness.

Aftercare is everything

There is one thing both parts of multi-level marketing have in common, aftercare is EVERYTHING! In sales, if you are providing an excellent aftercare for your customers, they are going to tell their friends about you and how happy they are with your product, service and business, who will tell their friends and their friends. If someone’s not happy, help them, offer to meet with them to discuss. Set up group chats for all of your customers so that they can give their own help and advice to each other when you are not available to.

Same applies to your team members, if you are making them feel good the more likely they are to succeed in their business. Don’t just be their up line, be their friends, meet up with them regularly, give them a call every so often just to see how they are getting on, organise team building events for you all like this treasure hunt in Scotland to help you all bond and have a giggle at the same time.

If you take a look at any top earner in network marketing, they all have these 3 things in common. If you can apply them in your business then you are well on your way to a happy, successful and strong business.

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