Improving The Comfort Of Your Office

Comfort might not be the first word that comes to mind when designing an office space. However, comfort can have a big effect on your productivity – by feeling more relaxed and having everything in the right place you’re likely to get things done quicker and more efficiently. Here are some ways that you can up the comfort of your office.

Upgrade your chair

Sitting in an uncomfortable chair could be distracting and could cause serious back problems in the long run. Consider buying an ergonomic chair that can give your back the support it needs. Companies like Posturite specialise in these kind of chairs. You want to have free movement to turn around in the chair so that you’re not always turning your head. The chair should also have an adjustable height setting so that you can adjust it to your leg length and the height of the desk. There are specialist chairs out there for those with back problems.

Control the temperature

An environment that’s too hot or too cold is likely to negatively affect your concentration. Get yourself a good quality HVAC system that can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Look for companies that specialise in commercial HVAC systems such as Acclimatise. Remember to have your HVAC system regularly cleaned out.

Have sufficient lighting

Staring at a bright computer screen in dim lighting can cause headaches. In the long run, it can damage our eyes and cause hyperopia. Make sure that the office is well lit, especially during the winter months when it gets darker in the evenings quicker. It’s worth adjusting the brightness of your screen too. An overly bright screen in the evening could be contributing to a lack of sleep by tricking the brain into thinking it’s still daytime and delaying the release of melatonin. Software such as Flux is useful to have on your computer as it dim the screen depending on the time of day so that you’re not staring at a bright screen at night.

Use an ergonomic layout

Make sure that your office is designed around easy movement. Have your phone on the right side of your desk if you’re right-handed. Make sure that you’re not too close to a wall so that your elbow touches it, or that there’s enough room under your desk to stretch out your legs. By allowing freer movement you’ll be able to do jobs more quickly.

Cut down on clutter

Clutter isn’t good for our concentration and can physically get in the way in many cases. Make sure that your office isn’t full of clutter that’s causing you to work more slowly. Keep the surface of your desk as clutter-free as possible – ideally you want a desk with drawers for keeping all this equipment. Find a home for everything so that you’re not just piling up documents randomly on your desk.


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