Making Room For New Equipment

There will always be a point during your business that you decide on getting some extra things for the office or home. It could be an extra desk for a new employee, a new piece of furniture, or even some equipment such as a printer or machine. Whatever it is that you need to add to your existing space; it will most likely mean that you have to shuffle your home or office around to accommodate for it.

To make that job a little less stressful, here are some great tips you can take on board when looking to make room for new things.

Keep Things Minimalist

If you have a limited amount of space to work with in the first place, it can seem even more difficult to move things around and even consider buying anything new. However sometimes the best solution is to have a bit of a clear-out before you decide to buy an item and then you know exactly where it should go in your office. Use a storage unit from a company like Safestore to keep your items safe while you strip the room and paint the walls. Once you have a blank canvas you can measure a space for your equipment and then decide what items you will bring back into the remaining space. It could be that a few items are left in storage ready for you to sell or give to charity.


If you want a place to store your items without having to buy a whole cabinet for it; stick to shelves in the wall instead. You can install shelves as high up as you like so they won’t get in the way while you are working, and it means that they will take up much less room in the office. You can use them to keep your folders with paperwork in, stationery and other small items.


If you only have a small space to work with, then the best thing you can possibly do is to find items which can have two purposes. This can be seating which has storage underneath, a chest which you can also use as a coffee table and loads more.There are tonnes of clever ideas and choosing something like this will save you so much space. An ottoman is the perfect addition to any room because it offers storage as well as the opportunity to sit down or hold things on top.

Get Hanging

Have you ever seen people hanging their pans up in the kitchen? Well, believe it or not you can do the same thing in your office to make room for new tools and equipment. Hanging baskets on the walls can provide the perfect place for small items which would otherwise make your office look cluttered and chaotic. They can even be made into a lovely feature of the office and add colour to the room. You could even hang items on the wall such as fabrics or tools which you need for your business.

Image: Pexels

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