How You Can Work on Your Business Even After an Injury

Getting injuries is no fun. If you’re a business owner, you feel the extra pinch. Who has time to be out of work when you’re trying to ensure your business is running and you’re keeping your head above water? Some medical issues you can plan for or work around easily, such as pregnancy (to some degree) or having a common cold. But what about serious issues, such as going on vacation and having a dock accident on a cruise ship? Such an instance would leave you with an injured body part and court dates to attend.  Rest assured, even if you had an accident or injury that makes getting around difficult, you can still operate your business, whatever it may be. Here are a few ways to keep pulling along, regardless of your situation.

Have an Assistant for Physical Work

If any aspect of your business involves going places, traveling, or physically being in different locations to monitor or check things over, consider having an assistant take over this role for you. Pick someone you trust, and ask them to either make notes or call you with updates or problems regarding the situation. They can keep you in the loop, and you won’t feel as though your business is being neglected. Having an assistant help you with the physical and more unmanageable side of your job makes life easier, let’s others in your business know you are still active, and ensures that deadlines are being met.

Decide How Much Can be Accomplished at Home

Take inventory of your business, and decide how much you can run from home. Thankfully, internet and a cell phone make operating just about any type of home business possible. Make a point to write down and set up priorities for your business.  This enables you to plan out what is most important on your schedule first and go from there. Consider setting daily and weekly goals that you can accomplish at home, and what you need to have done by the end of each week. The more you can do at home without stepping out and handling problems, the more effective your time will be spent. Delegate as much as possible, especially trivial work that doesn’t have to personally be done by you.

Make Time to Relax

If you have injured yourself, you likely have appointments to go to. From the doctors’ office to physical therapy and perhaps even meetings with your lawyer depending on the situation, your time will be busy enough as is. Make time for yourself where you aren’t overburdened with work. Instead, focusing on relaxing, getting outside, and allowing yourself to feel renewed. This is healthier for you in the long run, and it will prevent you from getting frustrated with your company, your injury, and how you can’t work at your normal capacity. Accept the fact that everyone deals with things in a different manner, and you shouldn’t expect yourself to function at the same level as you did when you were working before your injury.

Look for New Solutions to Run Your Business

While you are waiting for your injury to recover, you’re likely considering other ways you can run your business. Now is the time to consider a different way of running it. For example, if you drive people for a living, consider moving yourself into management, and managing drivers who take over your old job. Your time is spent in an effective manner, and you can double and triple your profits because you are managing others instead of doing all the work yourself. Alternatively, look for a side business that complements the one you are currently doing. A taxi service could also do deliveries, for example. This creates more value for possible customers, and provides you with additional opportunities for revenue that were previously unexplored.

Don’t let your injury hold you back from running your business the way you want to. Consider this an opportunity to move into a different realm, including upper management, or find a way that something else can complement your current business. Make time for yourself to properly recover and relax. Consider having others help you in your work, and seek ways that you can accomplish the work at home, rather than operating in your former role. Whatever you do, make sure you are flexible with your business, and allow it to work for you. This will lead to more opportunities and less frustration.

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