Family Ties: Releasing Your Guilt In Growing A Business (And A Family)

It can feel like there are many conflicts in life, not least when you are running a business, or trying to start one. It can take a lot of time and effort, but when you are trying to do this as well as raise a young family, one that requires your undivided attention, this is one of the major conflicts you will ever have, and one of the major causes of extreme stress you will ever have! In trying to juggle both, you can, at times, feel a sense of tremendous guilt. So, what is the best way forward? Can you alleviate your guilt, but also do what is right for your family and your business?

Do You Really Need To Do Everything?

When we are trying to grow our business, it can be difficult to offload certain tasks, not because it is hard to find the right person, but we don’t want to do this. But, here’s a fact, you don’t need to do everything! By outsourcing certain tasks, however minimal, it takes the pressure off you a little bit more, which gives you more breathing space, as well as more time to devote to your family. And you don’t even necessarily need to outsource, but find a better way of completing a task. A site like gives handy tools for you to build your first business website in 30 minutes, and so, if you don’t have the right knowledge of the best tools at your disposal, it could mean you are going about things the wrong way. So, you don’t need to do everything, but also there are ways to do it quicker.

The Magic Word: Compromise!

Remember; when you have a family, there are more important things than you. And most of us feel that our business is our baby, however, when you have a family, you need to put food on the table, but you need to remember that it is other people’s lives you are toying with, not just yours. Having a family is, indeed, a great pressure, but it is a positive one, one that will make you a better business person. You will learn the art of compromise as your business grows. You will know when you should dive into a project, and you will know when to hold back. The great thing about having a family is that it will keep you 100% focused on developing your company.

Treasure The Time With Your Children

This important word, perspective, is something that should stay with you all the way through your entrepreneurial endeavors. Your children will grow up, and they will grow up fast. So, think about it, do you want to miss important moments in their life, because you have to get a project on time? Missing events like these will fill you with regret, not just guilt. The solution? Make time for your children, every single day. If you need a bit more inspiration, has some handy tips to get you started. But, no matter how long bedtime takes, if you are there for them, this will make you feel better than any major money-making deal with a client.

Growing a business and being in the entrepreneurial game is a job in itself, and times you will feel that, in combination with having a chaotic family life, you will wonder why you got into this in the first place! But, it isn’t an easy task to accomplish. You need to give yourself the grace of making mistakes, but you do need to put your family first, and whether this means setting aside a little time for them every day, or by working that extra bit after they’ve gone to sleep, it will help to lessen the guilt.

Image: Paul Inkles


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