The Struggles That Come With Taking On Employees

Starting a business and becoming a mompreneur is no doubt, one of the most difficult things that you will ever do. However, it can also be one of the most beneficial things that you ever do, for you and your children. Your business may stay small, and you may be able to easily run it single-handedly, or it may grow and get to the point where you cannot run your business by yourself anymore and need to take on a team to help you.

While getting to this stage is incredibly exciting, it’s also important to remember that it can come with some downsides. Hiring a team of employees is a great step to take, and one that every business owner dreams of getting to. That being said, having a team beneath you can sometimes be hard to manage, as there is a lot more to being an employer than meets the eye.

Bearing that in mind, below are some of the struggles of taking on employees and tips for dealing with them effectively.

image: Sergey Galyonkin

Learning to delegate

If there is one thing that a lot of business owners struggle with when first taking on employees, it’s learning how to delegate. The fact is that if you are going to take on a team, then you need to learn how to delegate effectively because otherwise, you are going to be paying employees to work for you but doing everything yourself, which defeats the object of taking them on in the first place. Delegation is key to success as a business owner; it’s just a case of learning how to act like a leader rather than a boss. Because the last thing you want is your team to resent you, which is why getting your leadership skills right is so important.

Dealing with payroll

Then there’s the concept of dealing with payroll. When you take on a team of employees, whether it’s two employees or 20, you then have the need to deal with payroll, a task that is not always easy to do. This is especially true when life is already busy enough as it is, without having to worry about dealing with payroll too. That’s why a lot of business owners choose to use payroll recruitment consultants to find a payroll specialist who can adequately handle your payroll needs and ensure that everyone gets paid on time and the right amount each month.

Finding that perfect balance

Another struggle that a lot of new employers have is finding the ideal balance between being a boss and being a friend to their colleagues. This struggle can make it hard to ensure that you are the type of boss that you want to be. It is not always easy working out how to act when you first take on a team, but in time as you learn more about your new role, you will soon master the right way to behave.

Adjusting to being an employer and having a whole team below you isn’t easy, but if you take note of the tips above, you can help to make adjusting a little less stressful.


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