Mumpreneur: Parental Skills Which Apply To A Career

Being a mum and a working woman is one of the most challenging jobs in life. As a woman, being in the workplace is full of discrimination barriers which need hurdling. And, opting to start a family does mean putting your career on the backburner. Sure, maternity leave allows women to come back, but when they do they are light years behind the men. So, are there any advantages for mums in the workplace? Yes, there are because being a parent is a full-time job. As with all roles, the skills are transferable.

Here are the parenting traits which relate to any and every career.

Visualising Ahead

As soon as a mum leaves the house, anything can go wrong. Kids who are potty training may need to find an emergency bathroom, or a screaming fit may occur out of nowhere. Parents have to be able to negate these issues as and when they happen, or else it could turn into a scene. To make sure a child doesn’t scream the supermarket down, mums often think about the problems beforehand. For a business, visualisation is essential as projects never go smoothly. If you can think ahead, you can negate the potential pitfalls in advance and save time and money.

Party Planning

Kids seem to have birthdays more than once a year! For some reason, there is always a party on the horizon that needs arranging. From cake to drink and party games, parents are adept in the art of pulling off an event. It may seem like an abstract skill, yet plenty of businesses use corporate functions to generate leads. At an event company, you will be able to take your skills and scale them up for the bigger stage. Organisation, of course, is the main attribute, but so is creating a guest list, inviting the right people, and playing politics.

Problem Solving

Without a doubt the most significant skill a parent has in the corporate world is problem-solving. Kids can’t act for themselves because they are children. As a result, they need their parents to come up with quick fixes. Better yet, they need their mums to find solutions which are suitable. Yes, kids aren’t just demanding but quality-driven too! Whether it’s finding a tasty snack or a way to pass the time, mums know all the tricks. Businesses need people who can think on their feet because they haven’t got time to hold a worker’s hand.


Young people don’t open up often, so, when they do, mums have to simmer down. Not only that, but a savvy mum asks open-ended questions which encourages their child to open up further. You clever son of a gun! To a business, listening is essential for a variety of reasons. Firstly, every role revolves around a boss’s instructions. Anyone who can’t listen, then, can’t do their job. Secondly, customers will have queries and complaints. Being able to pinpoint their frustration is vital to be able to find a solution.

Being a mother and having a career is difficult, but there are advantages.

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