Promotional Merchandise – How to Make your Brand More Visible

Promotional marketing is an excellent technique for positioning your brand, and gaining greater brand recognition. It’s a series of products, or actions, that have a common characteristic, for example, the name of the company, visual aspects, specific colours, etc. that help establish a relationship between your brand and customers.

That something extra

The purpose is to achieve greater visibility for a product or brand, through additional incentives. The ultimate objective is to drive a greater volume of sales in the specific targeted niche. What the public perceives is the product and the added “promotional plus” resulting in a product with added valued, which, in many cases, can become a true motivator in the purchase decision-making process.

The recipe

In all cases, the key is to establish a short-term concept based on the promotion. It should be time-limited otherwise the public will perceive it as just one more (permanent) characteristic of the product, therefore detracting from the intended stimulus of the promotion. It’s a simple concept: a product + promotional plus + time-limited offer.

You need to consider the kind of ‘plus’ incentive that you want to use to support your branding campaign. The additional stimulus should be chosen according to your product, or offer, and the target audience. You should carefully research the attitudes of your intended audience, and consider the positioning of your brand, the incentive chosen, the means to communicate the promotion, and the mechanism by which consumers will access it.

Developing a strategy

The various promotional activities should follow a planned strategy, and be part of your company’s marketing and communication plan. Simply using promotional merchandise without the correct planning could produce little effect, or even adverse results. A comprehensive strategy is essential.

The starting point should be the analysis of your business intelligence data regarding the market, customers, etc. This will allow you to identify the most appropriate strategy, and thus a successful approach. Secondly, you must know the target audience, and consolidate the specific actions that will attract attention to your brand, either to make it known, or to contribute to greater customer loyalty.

This kind of marketing offers a wide range of possibilities and ways for you to make your brand unforgettable. You can organise a promotion with a gift, which can be obtained in different ways, instant POS delivery, accumulation of points, labels, participation in contests, games, etc. It will basically depend on the product that you want to give, the audience, and the strategy which will be implemented. However, overall, the primary aim should be to try and reach the greatest number of customers, and potential new customers possible within the target audience.

Are you ready to make your brand more visible?

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