Proving Your Value To Customers Is The Key To Success

When a customer buys a product, they decide based partly on whether they like that product or not, but their perception of you as a company is just as big a factor in their decision. People don’t want to deal with companies that are going to take their money and then stop bothering with them. They do want to deal with companies that offer some value outside of the product itself. Things like customer experience, aftercare, and warranty all affect people’s view of your company. If you want to outsell your competitors, try these simple methods for demonstrating your value to potential customers.

Keep Records

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There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than calling up your helpline and getting put through to somebody different to the person they had previously been dealing with. They have to start from the beginning again and all of the time they spent explaining the problem to somebody else was wasted and they’re still no closer to a solution. It’s not always possible for them to speak with the same person every time but what you can do is make sure that whoever they get through to is up to date on the issue. That means keeping detailed records when you speak with customers so somebody else can pick up where you left off and avoid causing the customer more problems.

Useful Marketing Materials

Have you ever wondered why companies always use keyrings or printed calendars with their logo on it? One reason is that people use these things often so they’re constantly being exposed to your advertising, but it also helps to show value in a very simple way. If you need to open a bottle and you use an opener with a company logo on, the value of that bottle opener becomes synonymous with the value of that company in your mind. It’s a very simple link to make but your subconscious will make that jump when you’re using these kinds of products.

Environmental Responsibility

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The main driving factors behind a customer’s choice to buy, aside from the value you offer, used to be price and quality of the product. The quality of the product is still top but the price isn’t necessarily the most important thing these days. People are often more concerned with finding a company that has reduced the environmental impact of their manufacturing and packaging process and they’re often willing to pay more money for it. You should seriously consider updating your operation because soon, everybody will be operating an environmentally friendly company and if you aren’t, you’ll soon fall behind.

Show Customers Their Outcome

Letting customers know what they’re going to get out of your company is the best way to convince them that you have value. That means every time you speak with a customer, you should be outlining exactly what they get out of your product and how it can make their life easier. You also need to make clear how simple your warranty process is compared with competitors so that they feel comfortable that they can get a quick resolution if there is a problem at all.

Getting your product right is step one but if you want to be a success, you need to demonstrate your value to customers.

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