Staffing Problems? Could You Be The Issue?

As the head honcho of a firm, it’s up to you to deal with any staffing issues. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy task especially when your members of staff aren’t adhering to rules that you have put in place, or they have had to have a considerable amount of time off work due to illness or family issues. While illness and personal issues can’t be avoided, any other problems may be falling onto you and they might even be partly your fault. So are you the issue with your staffing problems? Here are some ways of solving your staffing issues.

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One of the reasons that your staff may be going awol is because they don’t feel like they have a senior to look up to and be led by. While you’re their boss, if you’re not around as much as is needed chaos can form; therefore making business suffer. While it may be difficult to choose someone to be a supervisor, you should consider promoting a member of staff to take on this role so that normality can resume in the workplace and business can get back to normal.

Doing this will also allow you to give more responsibility to that person, which in turn will take some of the workload and pressure off your back. Remember though, that a promotion and more responsibility will mean that you will have to give a pay rise to that person too.

Hiring the right people

Have you hired the right people for the job? Interviewing processes are difficult, even for the most experienced of bosses, and while someone might look great on paper, in reality they might not be of any help to your business. A great way to solve this is to use headhunters, who will find the right kind of people for the jobs you need doing. Http:// are perfect for all of your hiring needs, and will be able to help you find the perfect candidates for the job at hand.

Sticking to your guns

When all’s said and done, you’re still the boss of all of these people and they should be listening to you. The first thing to do is have a meeting with everybody explaining changes that you want to see, and let your staff know that if things don’t improve there will be consequences. Ensure they have the right training so that the blame doesn’t fall on you, and see whether anything changes.

If it doesn’t, then it’s your job to discipline your staff members. Just make sure that you’re adhering to employees rights and that you’re not breaking anything in their contract.


The final word

Apply these three ideas to your workforce today and you will hopefully begin to see an improvement in your staff. Remember, you’re the boss here and they need to obey direct orders from you. Make sure you’re not the problem when it comes to your staffing issues!

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