Getting The Best Results From Investment Pitches

There will come a time when most business owners will need to pitch for investment. That usually happens when the company needs to expand, and so entrepreneurs will arrange meetings with their bank and private equity firms. However, getting the best results isn’t always easy, and so you will need as much help and advice as possible. Use some of the tips below.

Get the figures right!

The worst thing any business owner can do is present inaccurate financial information during their pitch. For that reason, you need to use specialist software to ensure you never get the figures wrong. Excel is the best solution for that, and there is a graphic at the bottom of this page that offers some advice and tricks.

Make visual presentations

Human beings tend to respond well to visual stimulus. So, you should think about creating a presentation to run alongside your pitch. It should help to engage some of the people who would otherwise refuse the offer.

Interact with the investors

Making your pitch as interactive as possible is always an excellent move. That could mean giving investors a product to hold if you need money to release a new range. You could also just ask some questions or tell some jokes. Remember, you need to remove as much of the separation space between you and the investors as you can.

With a bit of luck, those tips should point you in the right direction when it comes to getting the best results from investment pitches. Make sure you remember to use them!

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