Getting Hands On: Practical Business Ideas For Creatives

Business isn’t all about skyscraper offices, suits and formalities. For more creative types there are plenty of business opportunities, and thanks to the internet you can turn lots of skills into lucrative business ventures these days. If you are a creative, practical person with a skill here are some ideas to turn your passion into cash.

Metal Work

If you’re a welder, fabricator or other skilled metalworker, it’s definitely possible to set up a one-man business venture. Many businesses outsource their manufacturing needs these days and are therefore in need of local skilled metal worker to put together their products. You will need somewhere to work, metal is a cost-effective option for a workshop and they can be put up quickly and easily. If you’re planning on running your business from home you could have a workshop set up in your back garden, which would save you travel time and make everything very convenient. Metal forgeries also make good businesses, you could create home decor, decorative weapons and all other kinds of object which can be sold online. For metal work on a smaller scale which won’t need a workshop you could go into jewellery making. Whether it’s fine jewellery or more costume designs there’s a huge market for it online.

Cooking and Baking

There are plenty of business opportunities out there for those who are keen in the kitchen. Meal prep services have really taken off, so one idea would be to create healthy meal prep dishes for those who are after tasty and convenient food to help them achieve their goals. You could create your own range of jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles or sauces which could be put into pretty jars and sold.  If you are more of a baker, you could create occasion cakes for things like weddings, christenings and birthdays. You could hire a kitchen premises or you could run your business from home, but be aware there are strict rules for doing this. For example, you have to have a separate refrigerator for your business, and pets aren’t allowed in the kitchen- even to pass through to go into the garden. And of course you have to follow food hygiene laws to the letter, once you have registered your business you could be randomly checked at any time to make sure you’re doing this.



Whether it’s portrait photography, for weddings, even specialist photographers too like pets, property or cars, it’s a fantastic way to make a living. If you have some photography experience or have enjoyed it as a hobby for a number of years, you could consider doing some official training and turning it into a business. If you’ve been practicing as a hobby chances are you already have plenty of images you can use for your portfolio so it gives you a headstart. Photographers can also make money selling images online to sites like Shutterstock. You get a small amount of money each time someone downloads your image, so if you have a number of them that are in high demand it can earn you a chunk of money each month.


Mobile App Designer

There’s a huge market for mobile apps these days, many medium and smaller sized businesses have gotten on board and know exactly how much they can do for them. A mobile app makes a business look smart and professional, it get their details onto the phones of their potential customers which is a great place to be. If you have software or IT experience, do some training and learn how to make mobile apps. You’ll never be short on business and it’s something that could potentially earn you a lot of money.



If you’re the musical type, there are a few different ways you can go when it comes to business ideas. One would be to become a DJ, people always need them for weddings and parties and it could be a fun way to spend your working hours. You will need a basic setup such as CD decks, speakers, lights and things like fog machines are always popular. If you have a talent playing a particular instrument, you could create a band and play at live events, or pass your knowledge onto others by becoming a tutor. Another option would be to use software to make music on your computer, these could be sold or picked up by companies looking for jingles or theme music for their company, tv show, video or anything else.

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