What to Expect from Bespoke Packaging Companies

Ever heard of companies that specialise in packaging design? Yes, there are companies that offer their expertise in product packaging. They help businesses in coming up with aesthetically and functionally better ways to present their products. Businesses that offer these services can be classified into two main groups: those that mainly provide design services and those that offer the customised packaging products. Get to know more about these companies and find out if their services could be of use to you.

Bespoke Packaging Design Services

There are companies that mainly offer their expertise in bespoke packaging solutions. This means that they don’t actually manufacture the design they create. They simply offer the concept and undertake the modelling or prototyping of the custom packaging products. They are not necessarily the ones manufacturing the packaging products they have conceptualised. They may, however, provide assistance in finding the right materials to use for their designs. They can also help in finding contractors to manufacture the packaging products in bulk. Basically, they offer services to companies that are not so confident in their ability to come up with excellent ideas for their product packaging. Some may consider these companies unnecessary but they exist because there is a demand for their service.

Bespoke Packaging Products

On the other hand, there are companies that offer the packaging products themselves, customised according to customer specifications. These companies have both design and manufacturing capabilities. They present the design to the client or collaborate with them in coming up with the design, and then proceed to manufacturing of the packaging products. These companies are typically large companies capable of producing large volumes of custom products. They may even take manufacturing orders from companies that only provide design and planning services.

In some cases, these companies don’t necessarily offer highly customised packaging products. They may only provide a certain degree of customisation. For example, they may only customise the labels or some minor aspects of the design. They may already have different kinds of “blanks” ready to be printed with custom labels or logos. Likewise, they may have boxes of different sizes and styles that can be quickly turned into custom packaging products for different customers.

Either of these two types of companies involved in custom packaging products can provide the help a business needs to come up with packaging that easily grabs attention or distinguishes products from those of competitors. They help create interest in products. Good packaging is particularly important to startup businesses as studies have revealed that it can directly affect sales. If you have encountered “unboxing” videos on YouTube, you know that packaging is not something consumers quickly ignore. Packaging can leave a lasting impression. It only makes sense to do it properly—and doing it properly may entail using the services of the companies discussed here.

Image: CongerDesign

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