Top Insurance Tips When Travelling with a Family

It’s hard to resist the thought of a family getaway, but sometimes the last thing on our mind is travel insurance. For this reason, we commonly leave purchasing travel insurance till the last minute, and with a wide variety of policy options to select from, making the right choice can be a daunting task.

Why family travel insurance is necessary
Loss of luggage and unexpected flight cancellations are not unusual events when we go on holiday these days. As the name implies, family travel insurance refers to a group cover aimed at members of the same family travelling together. Terms of the policy may vary from one provider to another.

Some policy providers restrict the age or number of children covered by their policies while others may stipulate that all members of the family live at the same address. It is advisable to read the fine print on the policy before appending signature to it.

Furthermore, purchasing a family cover has distinct advantages over policies purchased for each individual in the family. The cost of purchasing the family cover would be much less than the total cost for all family members if purchased separately and of course, obtaining a single-family insurance cover involves a lot less hassle and shorter time to process than when procured separately. What’s more, family travel insurance could attract additional benefits such as higher baggage or cancellation cover.

Types of family travel insurance
Family travel insurance can cover single or multiple trips within the same year. It is advisable for families that undertake several trips within a year to purchase an annual policy. Although more expensive than the single trip policy, an annual policy comes with the convenience of arranging a family holiday within a short time without having to go through the hassle of taking out a fresh policy each time the family travels.

Taking gadgets on your trip
Gadgets have become a part of our everyday life now and most of us would feel ‘disconnected’ from the rest of the world if we are denied access to our social media accounts even for a few hours.

Gadgets may include a smart phone, a tablet pc, games console or any of the substantial number of portable electronic equipment we carry around to keep us in touch with the rest of the world. With young children becoming increasingly as inseparable from their gadgets as adults, the number of such equipment on a family trip may be significant. An insurance cover steps in to mitigate the cost of replacing lost gadgets.

Gadget insurance is an essential compliment to travel insurance. It can be purchased at low prices and a standard cover can insure against cracked screen, accidental damage, liquid damage or a mechanical breakdown. A family bundle will cover all the gadgets taken on each trip and it’s easy to remove or include additional items.

It is cheaper to purchase insurance cover for your gadgets directly from mobile insurance specialists than through mobile phone networks or phone retailers. It can save you at least half of the cost and in addition, you get top notch customer service.

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