Working with a Disability – What Help is Available In Business?

At one time it was extremely difficult for those with disabilities to not only get a job, but also fit into the workplace. Businesses just weren’t designed or able to accommodate disabled workers.

These days however, times have changed, and thanks to numerous laws and regulations, there’s much less discrimination around than there used to be. There’s also many modifications and equipment adjustments which can be made to help disabled employees carry out their jobs as easily as everyone else. Here, we’ll look at just some of the help you can receive in the workplace if you have a disability.

Has your employer made reasonable adjustments?

By law, employers need to make what are referred to as ‘reasonable adjustments’ to the workplace. It could be something as simple as altering the recruitment process, or allowing workers to have a more flexible working schedule. Or, it could be the business needs to make physical alterations to the premises or equipment in order to enjoy disabled workers aren’t disadvantaged.

Being aware of the reasonable adjustments employers are required to make can help you to ensure you aren’t being discriminated against within the workplace. It’s also worth noting that additional help is provided in situations where adjustments required aren’t met by the reasonable adjustments policy. You can find out more about the “Access to Work” scheme online.

Help getting to work

One of the major obstacles you might face when it comes to finding and keeping a job, is actually getting there and back. Modified vehicles are an excellent investment and they’ve helped thousands of people with disabilities to get back to work.

There’s a lot of modifications which can be made to a vehicle to accommodate disabled drivers. Whether it’s something as simple as making the vehicle suitable for wheelchair access, or something a little more significant such as increasing the height of the roof; you’d be amazed by what manufacturers can achieve. Some companies can even provide fully customised vehicles like Allied Fleet. These are modified to fit each individual’s needs.

Overall, there’s a lot of help available these days for disabled workers. Being aware of your rights and understanding the numerous aids available can make a massive difference. You may even be entitled to financial aid to help you get back to work.

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