Event Technology: 3 New Trends You Need to Know About

It’s hard to imagine life without the smartphone or the internet. Things have changed on the technological scene so much in the past decade, and now it would be unthinkable to go back to how things were. In event management, new technologies constantly update to help organisers deliver impactful, interesting events. New technology can help increase engagement, save money, and make a bigger impact.

Are you looking for technological ways to help your event be different from the rest? AV companies know that event management is more than just setting up a schedule and finding attendees. There are countless ways modern technology can be used to create bigger and better events at an economical price.

  1. New Opportunities With Live Streaming

While in the past people would have been very wary about attendees making their own videos of events and posting them online, nowadays event managers are recognising that this live streaming trend is here to stay and are finding ways to use it to their benefit. Live streaming can create a sense of people missing out if they are not at the event, which will help to build overall audience and improve attendance at future or related events. And while live streaming may make some people fear that people will stay at home and watch the event on their phone rather than pay to attend, other people embrace the possibilities the new technology provides.

  1. Wearables Technology for Events

An Audio Visual Equipment Supplier increasingly looks at the potential of wearable technology and how it can help create a bigger impact at events. Wearable technology can be provided to attendees that will allow them to easily access areas in the event arena, and get real time updates into the event to their device. Wearable technology can also be used for fun and entertainment, with the integration of a game to allow attendees the chance to win prizes in exchange for interacting with sponsors or other aspects of the event.

  1. Updates on Artificial Intelligence

Event organisers can use concierge services similar to Siri in order to give attendees the chance to interact with each other, access customer service information, find out more about products and services, and help plan their day. Digital assistants can help provide personalised help to everyone attending an event or experience. Artificial intelligence can be integrated into robot technology to allow for even greater logistical control of an event and the ability to offer advanced safety features.

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