Forget The Food: Your Restaurant Needs Better Service

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In a world where most industries are having to compete against tough competition, it is the restaurant sector that takes the top spot because that market is ferocious. There are just so many options available to the consumer, so many places that offer fantastic food, atmosphere, and value, which is why sustainable success comes down to very small distinctions, and one of the most important is your customer service.

That’s right. Forget about trying to make your eatery stand out through the menu you offer, the decor you install, by protecting your furnishings or through the story you want to tell and start focusing on the service you offer. That is what will keep people coming back and see your existing customers become your best advocates.

You may have the most incredibly talented chef, the most daring wine consultant and a decor to die for, but it will all fall short without great customer service. So, without further ado, here is how to up your service game.

Give Your Employees What They Need

The best way to improve your customer service is to give your employees the training they deserve; the kind of training that will set them apart from all the other competition around you. That means teaching them about what is on your menu, what wines go well with what, how to use your new epos system to full effect, how to engage with customers, how to spot food critics and the importance of knowing who your most loyal customers are. It is a lot to learn so if you really want this training to stick, your best bet is to make this training fun and engaging. It will be so worth it though.

Add A Smile To Your Uniform

No outfit is complete without a smile. That is a fact. It is also something that you really need your employees to understand because there is nothing worse for a customer to see when they walk through your doors than an unenthusiastic employee who ignores them at first. Instead, make sure your customers get the best experience from the very moment they walk into your restaurant. Have your employees welcome them with the biggest smile they can, have them fuss over your customers, engage with them and be impossibly friendly. Have them ask their names too because, as Dale Carnegie will attest, there is no sweeter sound than a person hearing their own name.

Image: Alexander Dummer

On The House

If there is one thing all people love it is a freebie. It is going somewhere prepared to pay full-whack and then getting the news that you won’t have to because you are getting a complimentary this or a discount on that. It is the secret weapon that can get you an incredible amount of service points. It doesn’t have to be anything big, just a free dessert or drink or an amuse-bouche. Even the littles gesture like this will set you apart from the crowd of restaurants vying for your business. It will make your customers feel appreciated by you and that will have them think of your place the next time they want to eat out.

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