Away days for small groups

Away days are a great way to reward your staff for all their hard work, and encourage them to continue working hard. But with so many options to choose from, it might feel a little difficult deciding on the right events to provide. To help you make the decision, CR Events have put together this guide on providing a corporate away day for small groups.

Try something different

With small groups, you might be able to organise more smaller scale and unique events that might be unsuitable for a much larger group. When putting together a corporate away day for small groups, it may mean that the budget for what you want to do is a little more forgiving, allowing you a lot more choice and freedom with what you want to do.

For example, you could take 5-6 staff members to a local escape room for a cerebral challenge that’ll serve as a brilliant team building exercise. With fewer people, it’ll really encourage the idea of effective team working and collaboration to come to a solution.

Keeping active

Instead of just a staff away day, you could make the event a lot more inclusive by inviting some of your staff’s family members to an away day. Whether you only have two or three staff members, meaning there will only be a handful more people coming, or you offer an away day as a reward to one particular staff member and their family as a reward for exceptional customer service or exceeding sales targets, bringing family along can help reassure staff that you care about them, meaning they want to continue succeeding.

You could take the staff and family members to a local outdoor adventure park, where they’ll be able to climb around treetop assault courses, ensuring they have a great time as a family while being surrounding by the beauty of nature, and feeling supremely valued as an employee throughout.

Paintballing could be an interestingly hectic option for small groups or families. Bring out the competitive sides of everyone by pitting two teams against each other, with a prize for the victors. The messy, fast-paced nature of paintballing will help provide a little catharsis to the whole event for staff, while tiring out any little ones involved.

Targeted events

For a more educational twist on an away day for a small group, you could break up a larger workforce into individual teams, and offer a conference tailored to their professional development.

For example, your sales team head to a hotel for a fancy dinner with some champagne, before taking part in a conference led by a keynote speaker who is a thought leader in the industry if the event attracts a lot of attendees, then it’ll also serve as a brilliant networking event too, helping to attract people towards your business. The next week, you can offer a similar event to your marketing team, and so on.

The benefits of providing a smaller event such as this are that it will be much more targeted towards the skills, knowledge, and best practises within your industry for that specific group of staff, meaning it’s directly beneficial to everyone in attendance, and it can also help foster more internal discussion on how your staff can work better and more effectively within your business, or perhaps even unearth some ways to improve business processes.

By the end of the event, it’s a surety that your staff will feel more engaged with their work, and be extremely pleased at the effort that the business has gone to to reward them for doing so well, meaning they’ll want to continue performing well for you.

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