How To Make Your Business Safe For Employees

Your employees are important to you – without them, your business wouldn’t be able to run. It’s also your duty to make sure that they are safe so that they can do their jobs effectively and to prevent accidents and even fatalities that could have been avoided. Here are some simple steps to ensuring that your business is safe for employees.

Give them proper training

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Training is an important element of health and safety in the workplace, and you should make sure that every employee that ends up on your payroll is given at least a basic health and safety training session so that they know how to conduct themselves safely in the workplace as well as what to do in the event of an accident. Training can address issues such as not knowing what to do in the event of a fire, how to deal with intruders or attackers, what to do if there’s an accident as well as basic rules that you expect all employees to follow. Basic training should be refreshed every 1-2 years and more advanced safety courses such as working from height, should be given to those who need it.

Buy from trusted suppliers

It’s vital that you buy supplies and products from suppliers who are trustworthy and have the right licenses to sell their products. Large businesses that order fuel and lubricants for their transport operations need to make sure they are bought from legitimate suppliers, rather than the cheapest who may not be 100% trustworthy. Electrical equipment should also be bought from trusted manufacturers, and any second-hand goods should come from an approved retailer.

Ensure regular checks are made

All of your equipment should be tested for electrical safety when it comes into the workplace. This can be anything from a phone charger to your heating or anything that is going to be used by your business. If you conduct operations away from site, this equipment will also need to be tested to make sure that it is safe for use and to avoid any insurance liability should something go wrong. You must also ensure that your business is safe for physical operations. Make sure you log testing for all equipment (either on the appliance itself or in a document), alongside dates for when the next round of testing is needed.

Offer wellbeing days and activities

Your employees’ wellbeing is also important and should be something you keep in mind whenever you decide on perks or when implementing new policies. Offering private healthcare, or the option of discounted private healthcare, gym memberships, on-site exercise classes such as yoga as well as access to counseling and therapy services will not only help keep your employees healthy and productive but will make them feel more valued too. It’s easy to establish an employee wellbeing program, with different cost-effective options depending on your requirements and budget.

By making your workplace safe and secure for employees, you are not only protecting yourself from legal action but showing that you’re a responsible and caring business owner too. Staff safety is an important consideration and should always be assessed regularly to ensure continued safety in the workplace.

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