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Link building is one of the best strategies if you want boost the level of interest in your business, increase traffic or expand the reach of your company. Through link building online, you will connect with companies and websites, hopefully earning the interest of their clients and encourage them to visit your own site. There are various ways to link build online so let’s look at a few of the best tactics and perhaps a few of the worst.

Can You Buy Links?

While it is possible to buy links for your sites and essentially pay companies of websites to link to your site, it’s dangerous. Google claim it is a breach of their policies, and if you are caught doing this, you will most likely earn your site a Google penalty. You can read all the Google policies on Ultimately, this could bring your business crashing down in the rankings, and it might take you a while to recover. If you are able to recover at all…

Instead of buying links you should try and attract people to link to your site naturally. To do this, you need to focus on adding high-quality content to your website. There are various ways to approach this. You can create the content yourself, or you can hire a company to create it for you. Ultimately, hiring a professional company might be the best option here. With a pro, you can make sure you have high-quality content that is specifically written to target clients and websites for link building purposes.

What About Guest Posts?

Guest posts are a great way to link build online. Your first step is finding the right sites to target for guest posting purposes. There are a variety for you to choose from, so it’s important that you make the right decision. Resources like are great for this because it means that you can search for blogs that allow guest posts by category or even domain authority. Don’t forget, sites with greater domains are going to be more valuable for you.

If you want to search for blogs yourself for guest posts, you are essentially looking for a ‘work with me’ page. Work with me pages encourage the options of sponsored content, paid for marketing and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Joining In The Convo

You might find that there are sites online where there are discussions in comment sections packed full of potential customers for your business. Immediately, you should be thinking about ways to use this as a link building opportunity. But you have to be careful here. Most sites simply spam links to there websites in the comments with vague suggestions about how the site could benefit the users in the discussion.

You need to be more subtle than this if you want your link building tactic to be effective. Instead of simply posting a link, join in on the discussion make relevant points and connect a link to your site with a solution to the issue that they could be discussing. Do this, and you’ll have an excellent chance at users clicking on the link.

We hope you find these link building tactics beneficial and use them to boost your marketing campaign.



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