How to Stay Healthy When Working From Home

If you’re a mother working from home and trying to juggle your job and your family, it will be important for you to look after yourself too. After all, there are lots of things dependent upon your health. If you’re put out of action because you feel unwell, you won’t be able to bring in an income and you won’t be able to look after your children. So, it’s important that you consider your health when you’re working from home. Here’s how to ensure you stay healthy in your home office.

Have a Dedicated Working Space

When you work from home, it’s easy to blur the lines between work and the rest of your life. There are distractions everywhere, and you may find that you’re just not able to devote the same amount of attention you would be if you were working outside of the home. However, working from home does come with more flexibility so to help you concentrate on your work, it’s best to have a dedicated working space. If you have your own office in the house, you’ll be able to close the door on everything else.

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Good Posture

Most people who work from home spend their time hunched over a computer desk. It’s important that you maintain a good posture while you’re working so you can avoid suffering from back ache. Doing some research into desk chairs will allow you to invest in a chair that’s right for you. Don’t be tempted to do all of your work from your sofa. Your back won’t thank you for it.

Move Around

It’s easy to get engrossed in your work and when you’re a working mother, you sometimes have to cram as much as you can into the time that you’ve got. But, if you’re sat at your computer desk for hours at a time, you risk poor circulation and headaches. It’s important to give your whole body a rest, including your eyes, by getting up and moving around. Leave the room for half an hour. Make yourself a cup of tea and sit in the garden for a dose of vitamin D. You’re sure to return to your work feeling refreshed and motivated.

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Stick to Your Schedule

When a distraction arises, how many times have you worked through the night to get things done? Many working mothers swap sleep for work in order to meet deadlines. Although it may seem like the only way to get things done, you aren’t doing your health any favours. Here are some tips for sticking to a schedule. You’re much better off going to sleep early and waking up early, instead of trying to work when your body is tired.

Stay Hydrated

Many people who work on screens all day put their headaches down to their computers. However, the majority of adults aren’t getting anywhere near as much hydration as they need in a day. Keep some bottled water and healthy snacks on your desk so you don’t have to make too much effort to stay hydrated and avoid headaches.


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