Business Decisions: Outsource vs. DIY

When it comes to getting your business off the ground, many people find themselves in the same situation: it’s all down to them, and them alone. A one-person band has to be everything that a fledgling business needs, from the head of technical development to a marketing whizz – you’ve got to be everything that your business needs.

There’s one upside to starting your business with a heavy emphasis on doing it yourself, which is that you save a fortune in costs. No, you might not have quite the expertise of someone who has been working in the industry in question for months, but you can muddle through. You can make it work, do the best you can, get the business off the ground and then consider outsourcing…

… Except, what if your “muddled through” efforts mean that you’re never truly going to get the business off the ground?

It can and does happen. So many corners are cut in the process of starting a business, that wannabe entrepreneurs cut so deep there is nothing left for them to offer. While you might not like the idea of digging deep, sometimes, you’re going to do far more harm if you try to DIY something that really belongs in the realm of the experts.

This musing leads us onto the simple question: which areas of business startups can you outsource, and which can you afford to DIY?

Web Design

We all know your business is going to need a website to make its way in the modern world, but can you do it yourself?

Outsource. Not only is it relatively simple to find affordable web design for small business, outsourcing this aspect will also save you a lot of time and effort. Get your website wrong and your business will sink in the cut-throat modern business world; so don’t risk it.



You can have the best business in the world, but if no one knows about it, then it’s still going to fail. Spreading the word is the job of marketing – is it something you can manage for yourself?

DIY. You can afford to DIY marketing as there’s plenty of help you can find online, as well as making use of your existing connections. Ask your friends and family to help spread the word to get initial business rolling, then you can consider outsourcing the marketing at a later date.


Security isn’t just about locks on doors anymore; it’s about the safety of all of your files and the business information you keep online. This is a very niche field, which is why you should…

Outsource. Unless you know the absolute ins and outs of digital security, then this isn’t an area for you to dabble in. Don’t leave it to chance, because an insecure business is barely a business at all. Protect yourself and bring in the pros.


Customer Service

From the moment you have engaged customers, you should be trying your best to make sure that they’re happy and want to stick around. So what are your options?

DIY. No one knows your company and how to fix any problems that are encountered along the way better than you do, especially in the initial phases of launch. You can handle this side of the business for yourself.

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