Ways your business can benefit from an international client base

Think an international client base might not be appropriate for your business? Then think again, numerous SMEs are discovering the advantages of an international client base, bringing their businesses to new markets and helping them to grow.

New markets

First and foremost, an international client base means your business is making headway into new markets, which could help grow your business and secure its future.

New opportunities

Building up a base of international clients will provide new opportunities for your business, not only from the new clients themselves but their network of industry contacts too. Who knows where a personal recommendation from one of your international clients might lead?

Stand out from the crowd

Building up a base of international clients will help you to stand out from the field of your competitors. It may be that your company is one of several competitors in your hometown, but build a base of international clients, and you’ll stand out at home and abroad.

Greater market share

My having an international client base you could build up a greater market share in your new countries of operation, blazing a trail ahead of your competitors and gaining a competitive advantage.

Build a steadier stream of work

By having an international client base, you’re likely to build up and maintain a steadier stream of work that is not so affected by seasonal variations and holidays. Having international clients will help you to obtain work all year round.

Time difference an advantage

Remember, when working with international clients, the time difference could work to your advantage, as you and your team could complete work for them, while competitors in their country could not.

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Build a stronger brand

Operating in numerous countries and having an international client base will help to strengthen your brand. Customers will often have more confidence in multi-national companies, as they can be seen as more trusted and established – thereby strengthening your brand.

Build a stronger business

Your business will be strengthened by having an international client base, protecting it against a contraction in your home market and giving you a more diverse client base.

Future trends

Having international clients may well help you to identify upcoming trends in your industry more quickly, allowing you to keep ahead of your industry competitors at home.

Improve your business

Having international clients could also help you to broaden your knowledge of the industry and potentially learn new ways of working too, from the latest technology to new suppliers.

So as you can see, there are numerous ways in which international clients would benefit your business, from giving you a foothold in new markets to establishing your brand and helping you to build up a steadier stream of work.

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