5 things to look for when hiring international event staff

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If your company is looking to extend its promotional reach, it’s understandable if you have foreign markets in your sights. However, in the attempt to make headway in these markets, you should work hard at your promotional efforts there. Delivering fun live experiences can help you to do that, but what if you need to hire staff for delivery of those experiences? Here are some things that we think are especially worth keeping an eye out for when you hire such staff for international events.

The specific kinds of staff that you need

The above might seem like obvious advice, but there are many types of staff that you can choose from. The international exhibition staffing agency Kru Live offers brand ambassadors, models, actors, and hospitality staff, to cite a few examples. However, it could surprise you how much variety there is within each of those categories; if we focus on hospitality staff, they can range from food-runners to wine waiters. Therefore, be specific when telling your staffing agency what you require.

Positive, “can-do” attitudes

Even if you try your best to choose and hire staff who are highly skilled and experienced, this provides no guarantee that these people will be easy for you to get along with. This Eventbrite article advises that “you can train skills, but you can’t train attitude”. Therefore, if you come across an available-for-hire staff member whose attitude you take a shine to, you could really benefit from giving them a chance – even if their skills initially seem a little rusty.

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Inquisitive staff

It’s a good sign if staff ask you a lot of questions. While having to keep answering such questions might feel like a hassle at first, keep in mind that the staff are eager to fulfil their responsibilities to your precise liking. Nonetheless, once such staff are hired, you can prevent questions popping up in excessive number by providing a complete briefing to those people pre-event. For events that will be particularly big, it’d be wise to delegate this responsibility to team leaders or supervisors.

Any issues regarding legal regulations abroad

When preparing a promotional event in another country, you should research local laws to check that your event won’t fall foul of any of them. There could be specific regulations regarding, for example, what breaks the event staff will be entitled to and insurance that these people will need. Therefore, before the event, make sure that you know all of the relevant rules and regulations and will be adhering to them. Breaking that country’s law could land you much inconvenience.

Staff you have had good experiences with

If you have hired particular staff before and had great experiences with them, to the extent that you developed a solid relationship with them, you could hire them again. You could inform your agency about them to ensure that these staffers can repeatedly return to you. Also, whenever they are with you, treat them well; this will give them even more reason to regularly come back.

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