Why the Range Rover Evoque is the perfect all-round vehicle

Photo credit: Frank Winkler

Finding a vehicle that suits all your family needs as well as your professional requirements is tough, especially when you have a budget to stick to. What instantly springs to mind in terms of size, flexibility with space and the ability to drive long distances is a Range Rover, but they’ve always been priced way too high to be a reality. That was until I discovered the new Evoque, and I for one can’t wait to test-drive one of these. Initially I would look at a Range Rover Evogue lease, so that I could test different elements of my weekly schedule and see if it meets all our needs as a family, but looking at the specification, it’s hard to see how it could fail. Here are a few top features that make this the perfect all-round vehicle.

The price

Let’s not forget the main benefit of the Evoque – the price! Okay, so it’s slightly shorter and lower than the full-size Rover, but unless they’re sat side by side, it’s incredibly difficult to tell the difference due to the excellent design. It’s thousands less to buy, but if you look at long-term leasing one instead, you’re talking as little as £320 over a 24-month period – far less than a finance payment, and don’t forget that over the years the price will come down to reflect depreciation.

The style

As I said above, the overall look and feel of the Evoque has been so well executed that it feels like you’re getting a full-size classic Rover. However, while the larger model remains sophisticated, the Evoque has a much sportier feel without damaging any of those luxury elements. It’s slightly sleeker too, making it more comfortable to drive if you’re not used to larger vehicles and this is your first family car.

The technology

With every new model of vehicle comes a technology upgrade, and by leasing a newer car rather than buying a much older one for the same price, you’ll reap the benefits of these engineering developments. With everything from an 8-inch touchscreen system with the usability of a smartphone, to the park-assist and built-in sat-nav, there aren’t many emergencies this car can’t help you out of.

The comfort

One of the main reasons people opt for a Range Rover is the level of comfort that’s guaranteed. That level of high-end luxury used to come with a huge cost, but these days all that quality craftsmanship is contained in the much more cost-effective and practical Evoque, so it’s perfect for longer journey with the kids or while sat in a commuter queue.


The safety

Finally, safety is key for any vehicle, whether it’s for the family or not, and the Evoque certainly won’t let you down here. Everything from the air bags that are on all sides to child safety locks, traction control and in-vehicle assistance are all fitted as standard, but on bespoke models you can even add blind spot sensors.

Are you thinking of leasing or buying a Range Rover?

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