Backup For Business

When you’re running your own business, you need to ensure that everything sails along as smoothly as possible. It’s not just the workload that will be affected if not; it could be your income at stake. Whilst employees are glad for a few minutes off when systems go down, it is your money that is lost. With that in mind, you need to ensure that you are utilising the products that are available to you to invest in for your own peace of mind.

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The one most annoying thing about having a website hosted with another company is that when it goes down, it’s out of your control. You need something with good backup; there are cloud hosts available online which give you up to three alternatives for hosting, keeping your site constantly running without ever having the need to go down. It’s through the transfer of the hosting onto these other platforms that they can get the initial platform back up and running in quick time, without causing any disruption to you. It’s pretty simple – but it’s always the simple stuff that works, right?

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Your Files

If you aren’t transferring any files that are important/needed over to an external hard drive every day to make sure that they’re safe, then you’re playing with fire. Computers only last so long – experts recommend between three and five years is your betting on their lifespan. That means that once they’re gone over the minimum threshold, your files are at an increased risk of being lost. It is so important to get them backed up onto a physical format, even if it’s by burning them onto CDs rather than transferring them onto a hard drive. Even printing at this stage could be a good option, if it’s in the correct format to be done. There is even the opportunity to send them through email as attachments if they’re small enough, meaning that they’re easily accessible from remote locations with just a login and a password. If you look up the best email providers, take note of the storage space that is offered; if you buy a business account with the provider that you choose, you are more likely to be given the chance to buy more space to make room for everything that you need.

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Everything Else

It’s worth saying that, to increase backup across the whole of your company, you are going to need to bring in other sources. The more people that are involved, the more likely you are to find another copy of the thing that you are looking for. For example, if you outsourced a graphic designer to take hold of all of your branding, you should have a copy and, if lost, the graphic designer should be your backup and provide you with a copy too. This is not a case of too many cooks spoil the broth; in this instance, the cooks should be welcomed to join the kitchen so that you can utilise them for this advantage.

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