The Biggest Dangers Facing A New Business

There’s a reason that not many people start a business, and even less of them succeed. The bottom line is, it’s hard. There are so many risks involved and then you have to consider all of the factors that are outside of your control. Sometimes people can fail even if they get everything right, but a lot of the time people tend to fall prey to the same things. There are a few mistakes that people seem to make over and over. Knowing what these issues are and how to avoid them before you get started can massively improve your chances of success.

Increasing Revenue

Most new businesses tend to start off getting a few clients, it feels like everything is about to snowball. Then it all slows down. The clients aren’t coming in as quickly as they were and the cash is starting to run out. This can often happen because companies get complacent after their initial success. If you fail to increase your revenue then you won’t be able to keep your head above water for very long at all. Just because you’ve had a few good clients, don’t stop pursuing them. Being proactive about finding business is the key to bringing in more money. If you are struggling then consider a merchant cash advance company to give yourself a bit more breathing room.

Hiring Employees

Any business leader worth their salt knows that good employees are vital to a winning business. They are responsible for the day to day running of the business so if they aren’t the best people for the job then you’ll run into all sorts of efficiency problems. When hiring employees, always think quality over quantity. There’s no use paying lots of people that don’t offer any value in the business. It’s better to have a small staff of people that each bring something to the operation. When you interview, it is important to consider all of the usual things like qualifications etc. but don’t neglect personality. A team that works well together will be far more productive so choose people with a similar outlook to your own.

Government Regulations

You can’t blink without filling out a form these days. Government regulations have wormed their way into every single aspect of our lives. The regulations around businesses are particularly restrictive. Unfortunately, you can’t just avoid them. If you are caught operating outside of these regulations you’ll find yourself being hit by a hefty fine that you can’t afford to pay. It could kill your business there and then. Although it is an extra expense to take on, it might be worth hiring a lawyer to help you navigate the legal minefield and make sure that you don’t make any costly errors.


Health Care for your employees is one thing that is majorly affected by government legislation. There are certain rules that need to be adhered to. Any business with more than fifty employees is legally obliged to provide health care. Smaller businesses aren’t obliged, but if you want to get the best people working for you, it is a good idea to provide some kind of package.   

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