Quick-Win Marketing Solutions

If you are looking for some fresh marketing ideas to inject some life into your business but you don’t have much time or money to invest into it, then there are still some ideas that you could look into:

Facebook Live – As you will know, Facebook is a hugely popular social networking site that reaches huge numbers of people on a daily basis. While the site was set up predominantly for social interaction, more and more businesses are using the popularity of Facebook to generate more business leads.

Therefore, you will probably already have set up or at least considered creating a profile for your business on Facebook. Video content is expected to take up to 90% of all Facebook content by 2018. So, video is going to be a dominating channel to interact with people. This is because video is the format chosen by consumers, it is the easiest, quickest way to get information and it is much more engaging than for example, a page of text.

For you are to tap into the potential of video marketing for your business, you need to also listen to consumer demand and cater for the predicted change in content consumption. Facebook Live is an easy way to get your business out there, all you have to decide is how to appeal to your target audience. For some lines of business, this will be harder than others, but with some creative thinking, you should be able to identify a successful solution.

If you run a pub that has a band playing and everybody is up dancing and having a good time, you can capture it on Facebook Live. A restaurant? Show a clip of taking a birthday cake out to a customer. There are lots of different things you can do. For a corporate business, if you take part in charity events then that too could make for great Facebook Live content. When you spend a bit of time planning your ideas, you will see that more and more opportunities come along as you get thinking about it.

Podcasts – A large section of businesses also produce podcasts as part of their marketing plan. A great thing about podcasts is they are so easy to create. You can simply record a monologue or discussion that covers an interesting topic that your target audience are interested in using your laptop or smartphone. Then you can upload it onto a platform like SoundCloud to share it with the world via your other marketing channels i.e. on your website, through email, social media, etc.

If you don’t have the resource to promote your podcast heavily, then there are other solutions to get your content more attention, such as purchasing SoundCloud likes. This will quickly get your podcast higher up in the rankings and encourage more people to listen to your content.

These are just two quick wins that you can create with great ease, but by keeping up to date with innovative marketing methods, more ideas like these will come along.

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