Recruitment: Finding The Perfect Employees

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Do you want to know what makes a business successful? It’s the people that work there day after day. Without the ‘lackeys’ doing the ‘donkey work,’ your business can never reach the heights that it intends. Indeed, the ones that wallow at the bottom tend not to choose wisely regarding staff. Therefore, that means your job is to find the perfect employees that will take the firm to new heights. Are you ready? Good, because you’re about to delve into the murky waters of recruitment.

It isn’t nice or pretty, but it’s necessary if you want to locate the ultimate workforce.


The Americans call it a resume, whereas the British call it a CV. Don’t worry about the name though because the syntax isn’t important right now. What is important is how the resume looks and feels. For one thing, it should look and feel sharp. A resume is a reflection of the individual, so always take into account its appearance. Also, it should be structured and easy to follow. You have hundreds of people to interview, and you can’t waste time reading essays. The best candidates know this, so they tailor their submissions to your benefit. Finally, the great employees have qualifications like IMC masters programs and leadership courses. As a result, their CVs should have more to say than the average person.

Mandatory Skills

Before you start to think about them more as a person than an employee, you need to know they can do the job. Simply put, hiring a person that can’t complete their tasks on a daily basis is a bad fit. In fact, they are a terrible fit. With this in mind, you need to test their ability and business acumen. There are plenty of ways to do it, from asking open-ended questions to setting test questions to a time limit. What you need to take from it are two things. The first is, did they have the ability to perform the tasks to the required standard? And the second is how do they rank against the other candidates?


You never know if someone is a good fit until you know what motivates them as a person. You see, motivation is what keeps people working hard and maintaining their standards from their first day to their last. If they lack the necessary amount, they will start to flounder after a short while. Everyone has a trigger, and you need to find it. They might want money, they might want adulation, or they might plan to run the business in the future. Hopefully, they will want all three mixed with a passion for the work. There are lots of things that drive people, but passion is the most effective. To figure them out, ask them questions about money, work, and work-life balance. The answers should be enough to put you on the right track.

Finally, always look beyond what the person says in the interview. Interviews are notorious for changing people into different versions of themselves. You, however, want the natural one that clocks in at 9am and leaves at 5pm.

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