The Benefits of Using Chartered Jets

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If you’re like most business travelers you understand what it is to live and breathe business; it’s closing deals no matter the cost. The problem you may come across is that you will do whatever is needed to make sure the two parties sign the agreement and that can mean a lot of corporate flying. Of course by flying all the time you run into the problems that come with your standard airports, and there are also the horror stories everyone knows of.  

There are perks to flying business class for your company that includes visiting the corporate lounges and racking up those frequent-flyer miles, but then you can face the headaches of weather and dreaded holidays. When you come down to it, the most valuable commodity we have is our own time, and it shouldn’t be any wonder that if you fly this much, you should invest your time in taking a chartered jet to those important locations.

Today, we will be looking at why you should opt your time to that of chartered jets and the benefits it has over commercial flying. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Private Jets vs Commercial Aircraft

Flexible Flight Departures with Rare Delays

When you take a commercial flight from an airport they typically need to leave at a specific time, whereas with a chartered jet, they can be flexible around your schedule. Chartered flights are hardly ever delayed and rarer if it canceled. Again, this is because the plane is going off your schedule.

Larger Destination Base

Commercial airlines typically fly to around 200 to 250 airport locations worldwide and chartered jets have a choice of going to more than 7,000 airport locations. You could get much closer to a destination instead of landing at a major airport and driving a few hours to your next location.

No Headaches for Check-in

With commercial airlines, you have to go through security, and they ask you to show up two hours too early. Typically, there can be a variety of lines that can be generally annoying. When you take a chartered jet, the company already knows your information, and you just simply stroll to your aircraft.

Fly in Luxury

Private chartered jets tend to have the best in everything from top-notch parts from aircraft fuel pumps and engines to give them superior speed and higher fuel efficiencies to high-quality comforts for the passengers to be at total ease during their trips. The typical jet can hold anywhere between five to 50 people, and you can expect the best comforts for your trip.

Get to Your Destination Faster

One of the top reasons people use private chartered jets is because they’re so fast. They typically fly two to three times faster than a commercial plane.

Skip the Annoying Passengers

The worst part about a commercial flight are the loud crying babies, the flatulent passenger, and the guy who talks your ear off. You don’t have to worry about this when you take a chartered flight as most chartered flights keep your privacy and security a high priority. It should be smooth sailing to your destination.


The next time you are thinking of taking a commercial airline to your next business destination, check and see if your company will pick up the tab for a chartered jet. You would actually be surprised as the costs are similar to that of a business-class ticket. Not only will get to your destination faster, but you will have privacy and comfort, but you will be able to leave headaches at home.


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