Flexible and Location-Indendent Careers – Perfect for Parents!

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When you’re a parent, one of the best sorts of jobs you can have is a flexible one. This should be taken to mean two things. First off, your ideal job should be something that’s flexible from a time perspective. You should have the ability to be much more selective about the hours in which you work than most regular jobs allow you to be. The second thing to take into account is location. If needed, you should be able to perform the job at home, or on the road, or in another state if you find that the new family gives you reason to move somewhere new.

So what kind of careers are great for people in this position? They need to be the sort of careers that are in-demand all over the place, can be done over the Internet, and don’t require much more than a computer with a keyboard. Here are a few suggestions! (And no, I‘m not including ‘writer’, because you probably already thought of that one.)

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Programmers are able to work from home with ease, and the intense concentration that programmers need often means that they’re much more suited for the work-from-home life! One thing you should be prepared for is video conferencing. Programmers are often spoken about like they’re lone wolves, but they do need to communicate with other programmers on a given project quite often. Of course, if you’re working on a small project that only requires one programmer, then that’s a different story!


Accounting, or bookkeeping, doesn’t require you to be at the premises of a given business. More and more startups are hiring freelance, remote accountants and finance experts because their workload simply doesn’t justify hiring someone full time (most of the time, their budget doesn’t allow for it, either!). This job is very flexible, and there’s no shortage of businesses looking for accountants. Look into something like MSC accounting and finance distance learning to ensure that you have the credentials to prove your expertise and you should be able to find work wherever you go!

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Remote coordinators work with event organizers and other businesses to help them prepare for particular events. Sometimes called administrative assistants, coordinators will assist with planning and scheduling, documentation, the arrangement of marketing, and, sometimes, networking. As you’ve probably gathered, this is something you can do from a laptop at home, though you may need to be somewhat flexible with your own schedule!


If you have financial savvy, then you could always take on a job as an investor in stocks. This isn’t the same as being a stockbroker. A professional investor generally works for a company in which stock investment is their business; it’s how they make money. They’ll fund your stock investments, trusting you to make a healthy return on that capital. Generally, investors of this type are paid via commission, so they’ll get a portion of the direct profit from the sale of stocks. Needless to say, it can net you a very healthy income – but you should know your way around stock trading!

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