Beating Those Technology Tantrums Impacting Your Business

In 2017, it’s hard to imagine any business running without technology, isn’t it? Although 20 years ago, a lot of businesses did run without the use of technology. Over the past two decades, technology has come on a long way, so much so, that it’s become something that many of us could no longer live without. It’s hard to imagine a world where you couldn’t email information over to a client and instead would have to post it or courier it, isn’t it?

There’s no doubt about it; technology has made life much easier in many ways, especially for businesses. It’s improved efficiency, boosted productivity, and made communication much simpler and quicker. However, the issue with relying on technology as much as we do today is that when a piece of kit we use day in, day out throws a tantrum, we can be left in trouble. The good news is that beating those tech tantrums is doable, it’s just a case of knowing how to, that’s all.

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A confusing website You can have the most visually appealing website in the world, but if it’s confusing to use and navigate, this is going to cause all sorts of issues for yourself and your customers. If you’re unsure how easy to navigate your site is, ask an objective friend to test it out and give you an honest report. This is worth doing, as the last thing you want is the difficulty of your website to impact your success. If your site is too hard to use and navigate, have the design and layout edited to prevent problems.

A slow-running website  

One of the most irritating tech problems that you can have is a website that is running slowly and taking a long time to load. Behind the scenes, when you type in a URL a ping is sent to the server that the site runs on, which should then load the site up. Now, sometimes a site or page takes longer to load than usual. Usually, the cause of a slow-running website is the web host and the server that’s being used, which is why it’s important to use a reputable website hosting company for your site. If you think that you’ve made a mistake and picked the wrong company, you could always opt to change your hosting. Not sure what to do? Your best bet is to ask an IT expert or web designer for advice.

Losing vital documents and data

Whether your servers are hacked or go down for one reason or another, there is a risk that you will lose vital documents and data. When this happens, this can mean your business comes to a standstill, as you may not know how to deal with the issue. This is why so many businesses are now opting to invest in IT support, either on-site or virtual, so that no matter what happens, there is support on hand to deal with the issue. Sometimes servers or computers go down for what seems like no reason, so having help on hand can be most useful.

There you have it, how to combat those technology tantrums and stop them impacting your business.


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