Useful Information on Movavi Slideshow Maker for MAC

Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac is designed for those who want to create picture slideshows on their Mac computers. It is regularly updated to ensure that it supports the latest Mac OS version. It not only let you create slideshows with the photos you compiled but it also offer some basic photo editing tools in case you need to make small edits on the photos. By including all the tools you need for creating the slideshow, you don’t have to waste money on a third party software to complete your slideshow project.

Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac is beginner friendly and it even have an easy mode that allows you to make a slideshow with your own photos in less than 5 minutes. You can access the slideshow wizard by clicking on the Create slideshow in easy mode on the welcome screen that appear when you start the program. The first step of creating the slideshow is to add the image files. You can add the image files one by one by clicking on the Add Media Files button or on the Add Folder button to import the entire folder of images.

The images will be arranged in the same sequence as when you load them into the software. But, the sequence is not fixed and you can rearrange the images in your preferred sequence again and again by dragging them with your mouse cursor. You can press the trash button if you change your mind about including certain photos in the slideshow. Photos can be rotated in the easy mode to change the angle of the photo by 90 degrees. You can rotate multiple photos at one time by selecting them and pressing the rotate button. You can cut the photo into several pieces and rearrange them in the sequence you want in the timeline.

In Movavi Slideshow Maker for Mac, you can set a limit on the transition duration by entering a value in seconds in the max transition duration box. The transition duration feature can be accessed by clicking on the gear wheel button on the top toolbar. By setting the max transition duration, you can prevent the transition style from playing too long in the slideshow. Movavi Mac slideshow software allows you to add audio sound tracks in your slideshow so that it can be more interesting. To allow song tunes to be played in the slideshow, you must click the Add Media Files button and select the audio files that are to be added into the video.

The audio track can be rearranged to the particular slide where you want it to play. You can also record the sound track for use in the slideshow by using the audio recording tool. You will have to connect a microphone or other sources of sound devices to your computer in order to record the audio track. After that, you must select the name of the audio device from the audio recording panel which can be accessed by clicking on the microphone button. The audio track can be cut into shorter tracks by using the scissor tool.

Animated text that travels across your slide can be added with the text tool. There are also animated title styles that slowly fade away. The title styles tool is perfect for sending any message that you have to your audience. If you have no idea how to design the title for your slide, you can use one of the animated title styles in the titles section. More than one animated text styles can be added onto the photo slide. The title styles are grouped into two categories including basic and artistic.

You can change the slide duration to prevent it from changing to another slide too fast. In the slideshow wizard, it is able to make the slide and transition length fit the music. You must not forget to save the slideshow by clicking on the Export button and choose a suitable movie format.






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