How to avoid speeding fines

Speeding is not only an incident of frequent traffic rule violation, but is also the most common cause of traffic related accidents all round the world. Driving over the limit of the permitted speed in NSW will almost certainly result in fines, in addition to demerit points being marked against your driving record and in extreme cases result in suspension of the driving licence.

The speeding fines nsw, however, vary with the excess of speed you are driving at, the place where you are speeding and the type of driving licence you are holding. However, what is normally presumed to be a minor act of indiscretion, can these days result in being deprived of the right to drive.This can further lead to financial loss arising out of loss of employment.

 The only logical way to avoid a speeding fine is simply not to overspeed.This is again easier said than done, even for the most disciplined driver, as he is bound to break the limit inadvertently, in exceptional cases, such as while overtaking or going on a long downhill run. Speeding fine in NSW are responsible for a lion’s share of the revenue of the State and there is no escape from the reality that at some time or the other, the most careful of motorists can find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

To avoid a speeding fine there are two options available to the motorist.The first is to challenge the speed alleged and the second to admit that you made an honest and reasonable mistake.

In the first case, though speed infringements are tracked with a speed measuring device, there are instances when tickets are issued based on an estimate by the police officer. This creates room for doubt and can be challenged in the court.

 If, in the second case, you believe you have made an honest mistake in the assessment of the speed limit then there may be a defence available to you. For example, your speedometer may be wrongly calibrated and showing the wrong speed. If ascertained by a mechanic, then this could become ample evidence to overturn your charge, as now the onus will be on the prosecution to prove whether the mistake was honest or not.

The first reaction of most drivers is to act innocent when confronted with a speed ticket. This is not an easy task as the traffic light camera may prove otherwise. In such cases it is always advisable to utilise the services of an experienced lawyer. A good reputed attorney will easily guide you through the complex hurdles involving in disputing traffic offences. Not only that, he will present an aggressive and sound defense against the penalty imposed and help you save your money. Remember, if you plead guilty and pay the fine, there are still chances of demerit points being added and your license getting suspended. If, however, you deny the incident altogether, there are better chances of you getting acquitted, especially if you have a top notch lawyer representing you.

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