10 Best Start Ups to keep up with in 2017


Hudl is a unique start-up and tool that benefits most athletes and their teams by allowing them to communicate better and in turn, win more often. It gives coaches the power to form strategies and share them with their players through the app, along with videos and other data. In addition to plans, the coach can also offer perfect nutrition tips and other ideas about how to improve the team and help perform their best.


Heption is involved in the container business and is a start-up that takes advantage of the Kubernetes program that was released by Google. They’re not only improving the program but also making it more accessible for companies all over the world.


Nucleus is a start-up that focuses on home intercoms. What you might think is a thing of the past has actually been gaining a lot of traction lately as new technologies allow intercoms to be monitored through Amazon’s Alexa, as well as making calls between neighbours possible.


Pindrop is a start-up and tool that improves mobile security. More specifically, it prevents theft of data and identity on mobile devices. Already big corporations, legal advisors and banks are taking advantage of it and it seems to have a promising future in 2017.


This app that is directly connected with Yelp, allows users to queue up for a restaurant or other popular places without actually having to be at the physical location of the place. This means you don’t have to wait at all as you can enter the line from home while you’re still getting ready, with frequent notifications about how soon you’ll be able to enter.


Accompany is an impressive start-up that allows users to better prepare before a business meeting or conference. It pulls data from social media and other databases in order to fill you in on who you’re about to see and suggests you topics for discussion and other data to make you ready for the encounter.

Abalo Publicidad

Abalo Publicidad is a business and e-shop that focuses on office equipment such as agendas, pendrives, work gifts and even work clothes. It’s a great place for other companies and businesses to outfit themselves with the best quality of items for work. Abalo Publicidad has the prospects to be one of the best start-ups of 2017.

Wine Outlet

Wine outlet is a wine e-shop and provider that offers a great variety of wines. The start-up not only sells and delivers wines but also has a vast database of them that includes detailed data about each and reviews from customers rating the wines. This helps prospective clients make informed orders while shopping. Wine Outlet has been doing so well that the demand for its wines has been constantly increasing making it to the top 10 start-ups of 2017.


Do you want to be able to discover and following some of the most innovative and leading personalities of the business, science and technological world. Leade.rs makes this possible and allows users to find the biggest influencers in the world.


Lola is a start-up and app that helps you during trips just like a travel agent or tour guide would. It revolutionises trips by bringing travellers and travel consultants together. Then you can receive help and advice about your travel plan as well as suggestions on where and how to go.

We think it’s highly recommended to follow the start-ups above because they’ve shown a lot of potential and promise for 2017.

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