Get Smarter, Not Bigger With Marketing

The online world is what allows most people to start a business at home. They have skills to sell or a product they can produce from home and the internet is what allows them to get customers without the need for a storefront or an office full of underlings. But big businesses have the advantage in the online world. They have bigger marketing budgets, which means where you can’t outspend them, you’re going to have to out-think them instead.

The website

When it comes to standing apart from competitors and others in the industry, the website is where you have the most potential. You’re in control of the visual branding, the content, the layout and much more besides. But you need to know the fundamentals of good site design to make sure that you’re making the best use out of all of them. For instance, what are the goals of the site? Is it an ecommerce page where people can click and order goods or services directly? Is it meant to drive them to get in contact with you? Those are the focuses you need to cut out the superfluous content. You don’t need as much spiel on what your business is all about if people can buy products directly, for instance. You just need content that directs them to those products and demonstrates the value of them above all else. Your goals should speak to your niche on the market. That’s how you differentiate yourself.

Search engines

There are two ways to compete on search engines with your competitors. And again, having a niche to your business is going to bolster your chances of success with either. In terms of search engine optimization, the more specific you can make your content and the keywords you use, the better. The same goes with pay-per-click advertising, but you can also use tools like those mentioned on Clicteq to make sure a little more room is made for your bids. For instance, you could make your ads more active when there’s less competition. You can also use tools that measure and modify your campaigns as you go on, cutting out the keywords and links that don’t perform as well as others. You want to make sure your money is being spent on only the most effective adverts.

Social media

As a small business, your personal connection to customers plays a much more important role than it does for big brands. Start by finding your own online persona and having a deep enough insight into your community’s wants to curate content that appeals all the better to them by peeking into who they follow and what they like. One of the methods put forward by Small Business Trends is getting some social media management tools to do the heavy lifting for you, too. You don’t want to spend all day dipping in and out of accounts to share a piece of content you’ve made. Instead, spend a good half-hour to an hour of the day scheduling the majority of your messages. You want to stay active in terms of replying and retweeting, but that takes nowhere near as much time as having to pause your work to post new content.

A good online marketing strategy takes time, there’s no doubt about that. When you get the wheels up and running in the business, you might think that you should spend more time making money, not trying to bring in more customers. When that’s the case, remember that there are plenty of services willing to help you with that.

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