The Family Business: Sensible Solutions for Parents Who Want to Work with Their Kids

Running a family business can be tricky, especially if you are running it from home, or you have to have your young kids with you at work. You certainly don’t need them running in and out, but you also don’t want them sitting on the sidelines being bored. What you need is to give them a balance of fun activities and ways they can help you in your work while learning about the family business. Here are some tips to help you.

Let Technology help you: With the popularity of today’s smartphones and tablets, technology is already a big part of your family and business life. Why not let it help you keep your kids occupied while you’re handling the family business? They can have fun with it and learn about business at the same time. For example, for young kids a coloring app is the perfect solution when they’re getting antsy, so check out this mandala coloring book app. For older kids, you can download fun games like these, which let them have a go at starting and running their own business.

Let Them Get Crafty

Make some floor space in your building and cover it with newspaper, then let your kids paint and get messy. It’ll keep them busy for hours. When they’re done, hang their artwork on the office walls. Don’t forget to let them help you with the cleaning up; that can be fun too.

Have Toys On Hand

If you have room, set up a special play corner for when your children are at a ‘business’. This could be a playhouse or play store, or a craft corner. Keep it busy with lots of activities to do. You could even set it up to mimic your own business that way your kids can pretend to be doing what you do.

Take Breaks When You Can

Every day is a busy day when you’re running your own business, but it’s good for your physical and mental health to take short breaks now and again, so why not use this time to spend with your kids? If lunchtime is coming up, plan an outing with them: sandwiches in the park, lunch at a nearby café or maybe a quick trip to the local museum. If they know they have a treat coming up, they’re less likely to disturb you in the meantime.

Stock Up On Books

Take your kids to the local library and let them pick enough books to last them for a few days. You may even be able to drop them off at the library for an hour or two for story time. There’s also the chance that they’ll meet other kids there they know and get invited for a play date.

When you want to work with your kids around, these are good ideas to follow so they don’t get under your feet. As they get older, you can start getting them to help out with the family business.



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