Tips to Avoid Lockouts at the Office

Whether it is your office, home or vehicle, facing a lockout is never an easy situation. It always creates a period of unnecessary stress and waste of time. If this happens on a regular basis, it is a red flag indication to understand that you need to invest in a new locking system for your property.  There are several choices available for business owners to secure the business and keep the environment in safe hands. The best person to go to during this crisis is a reliable and certified lock smith.

Valid lock smith companies help in providing the best lock options depending on the size of your business. They should not only guarantee their services, but they should also offer a 24/7 helpline to help you in the case of an emergency lockout.

We have gathered few options to help you prevent any lockout in your office.  Here are some of them:


These locks are not permanently attached to anything, which means you can use and reuse them anywhere. They come in two variations: keyed and combination. Keyed padlocks can be either rekeyable or non-rekeyable. If a padlock is non-rekeyable, then you cannot change the key that opens it. Combination locks have one or more number dials that open it depending on the combination entered. They are often easy to operate and decode.

Dead bolts

Dead bolts are common lock options for commercial and residential properties. They come in two variations of either single or double cylinders. A single cylinder can be locked and unlocked from the inside with turning your thumb, while a double cylinder requires a key to operate on both sides of the door.

Keypad Locks

These locks set different codes for individual employees and limits access to outsiders without a granted authority. The main advantage of these locks are that, you have access into the building even during power outages.

Scanner Locks

Scanner locks do not require keys or cards; it uses your fingerprint to make an entry into a building. Fingerprints are not easy to duplicate and most useful to store sensitive data to help you gain access into the office.

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