Recruitment options when looking for a corporate job

corporate recruitmentFor some people, securing a job in the corporate sector is their dream because of the many benefits on offer and the potential to earn serious money. However, it can be a difficult sector to break into, whether you have the relevant experience or not. What are your recruitment options when you are looking for a corporate job?

 Why corporate?

First, let us look at the benefits of working in the corporate sector. A major benefit is the schemes that are invariably available to employees. These can include pension schemes, healthcare plans for you and your family, and possibly even the chance to buy shares in the company. Another benefit is the opportunity for flexible working – working hours to suit you and possibly even at places to suit you, such as your home office. It will be dependent on the company, of course, but you may even get to travel on business. Then there are the promotion opportunities and the knowledge that you virtually have job security.

How do you get into a corporate job? For those with no experience in the sector, entry-level jobs are often the only ones open. This could mean taking a job that requires no industry knowledge or experience, such as administration or customer service. While this is not ideal in terms of your career plan, it does at least mean that you are in the company and aware of any potential vacancies. You may also find that there are in-house training programmes that you are eligible for and that will enable you to move up the ladder.

You could adopt a blanket approach and apply for every job that you come across that broadly suits your level of experience. However, if you want to focus on a particular role and have a skill set specific to a sector, then you may want to try a more targeted approach. If you are already working in a corporate company, then this could mean simply keeping an eye on the company’s website where they post current vacancies and applying for those that are of interest.

If, on the other hand, you want to start afresh, then a good option is to sign up with a specialist recruitment agency. For example, if you were interested in working in finance, a finance recruitment specialist, such as Greenwich Partners, would make your job hunt much easier as they would only select jobs that are suited to your skills and experience, and only match you with those companies that are a good fit for you, according to what you have told them about yourself.

Then there are the extras with a recruitment agency that could make all the difference between you getting noticed, performing well at interviews and being offered a job. If you know that your CV is not all it could be, or that you usually crumble under the stress of interviews, an agency will help you to craft a quality application and even train you to show off your best assets during interviews.

Whilst the opportunities in the corporate world are usually more rewarding than other sectors, the way to get a job is usually the same. You can make hundreds of applications until one comes up trumps, or you can use a recruitment agency to give you the support that you need to land your dream job.

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