A Place for Profit: Top Tips for Transforming a Old Shed Into a Brand New Home Office

When you consider that global business Hewlett Packard starting out life in a converted shed that was used as their first office, you can see that big dreams can become a reality if you replicate the plan.

Even if you don’t have ambitions to conquer the world, you can definitely unleash the potential of the space in your home and it could easily be transformed into your business “shedquarters”.

Here is a look at what you need to do to convert your old shed into a great office space, starting with the basics such as all the cabling you will need, plus some tips on doing all the prep work required and some ideas for making the space comfortable.

The perfect solution

If you are launching a new business and want to keep your startup costs low or simply need a designated space in your home to be able to do your work, a shed might just turn out to be the ideal choice.

A typical shed is just about the right size for working from home and gives you enough space to comfortably fit your desk and other equipment without feeling too cramped.

You will probably need to spend some money on converting the shed and making it a comfortable and safe place to work.

One of the first jobs will be to run some suitable power lines to the structure and check over here for the right circuit breakers you need to give you an adequate level of electrical protection.

There will also need to be some phone and cable lines fitted so that you have everything you need for a perfect hi-tech “shedquarters”.

Time to get your hands dirty

Before you can even consider working from your shed space you will need to get working on the inside by cleaning and preparing it for use.

This is not just the sort of spring clean that you might do every now and again if you were tidying the shed with all the gardening equipment in it and sweeping the floors.

It needs to be a thorough deep clean from top to bottom and you should check for any problems with the structure so that it is fit for purpose as a place of work.

Everything you need

Your shed can be a great workspace if you do it right and what you don’t want is for it to end up feeling like you are actually just working in your old shed.

It might be a practical solution but it doesn’t want to feel like an uncomfortable make-do alternative to working from your kitchen table. That is easily solved if you do all the right things to ensure that your shed feels like a comfortable place to work whatever the weather.

A portable air conditioner and a space heater should cover all the bases, giving you a solution for the summer and winter months. If you have the budget and want to do it properly, consider the idea of having a system installed before you put any drywall or wallboard up.

Professional image

The finishing touches will be some curtains or blinds and some pictures or photographs on the walls to make the space feel more inviting and personal.

More people work from home these days than ever before so there is no reason why you can’t convert your shed and even create a good impression on any visitors who come to see you in your unique and impressive office location.

Elizabeth Shepherd was a single Mom raising 4 kids when she took the leap and started her own business from home using space in her backyard for an office/studio. She inspires others to take the leap with her business articles.

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