Turning Your Art and Hobbies Into A Living: Monetisation Tips For The Crafty

When you have a passion for arts and crafts there is every chance that your hobby could turn into something more meaningful than just a pastime, and you might find that you earn a nice profit from your skills.

Here is a look at ways to get started including finding something unique to sell and where to advertise your crafts online. There are also some ideas for networking and tips on which sites might be good to work with and one big name to avoid.

Find your niche

If you are particularly talented with a paintbrush in your hand or have a knack for creating attractive bespoke jewelry items you have already found your niche, and that will be good news when it comes to finding buyers online.

There is no doubt that unique gifts tend to be far easier to sell that more generic items that are available across a range of different websites.

You might argue that there are already thousands of sellers on sites like Etsy offering their own handmade jewelry items, but plenty of them are successful and there is no reason why you can’t find a niche market and stand out from the crowd.

It is also worth bearing in mind that if you are producing niche items that are attracting interest online, there is a chance that your creations might end up being featured on other sites, earning you even more exposure and the chance to grow your reputation.

Get networking

If you have a talent and want to monetize your hobby to generate a regular income you will need to be prepared to do some serious networking.

If you are an artist, sites like www.follio.com are worth contacting, as their site is dedicated to helping emerging artists find a wider audience.

It is also well worth networking with other crafters and hobbyists as they are often interested in browsing and buying other artist’s work. Sites like Etsy have forums where you can comment on a fellow crafters item and even tell others about something you like.

The more networking you do the greater the chance of getting featured on the homepage of prominent sites, and this can see interest in your work reach much higher levels.

Finding the right online platform

You might think that a high-profile site like Ebay would be on the list of suitable sites to sell your items on, but if you look deeper at what sells on the site, it is clear that collector’s items and mainstream retail items sell the best.

Ebay buyers are not really the audience for your original creations and you could be wasting listing fees that are better spent elsewhere.

Etsy is a big player when it comes to arts and crafts but also take a look at sites like Zibbet, Uncommongoods, Aftcra, and Handmade Artists all of which are worthy of mention and could be a good outlet for finding buyers.

You know you have a talent for arts and crafts and friends and family love your work, so it is time to take it the next level and turn your talent into money.

Aimee Stewart started selling her paintings online several years ago. She shares the tips she has picked up along the way with other like-minded people looking to start selling their work, or improve their creative business.

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