How smart space thinking can improve productivity

office-space-1744803_640Some businesses and sole traders think that as long as there’s a desk, productive work can be done. While this is true to an extent, the working environment actually plays an enormous amount in how much a worker and a team actually gets done. So many factors can distract, from noise and privacy concerns to comfort and the pleasantness of the workspace. It may also be designed inefficiently, with obstacles in the way of productive team working and collaboration.

With all of these things in mind, isn’t it time you re-evaluated your workspace?

Fully open plan isn’t always best

Many offices have been moving towards open plan office designs, with the aim of encouraging employees to collaborate. However, so many of the UK’s open plan offices are not properly optimised. They could actually end up decreasing productivity. This is because while team building, collaboration and socialisation are very positive things, workers also need privacy. They also like to be able to personalise spaces to some degree, which just isn’t possible in a fully open plan, hot-desking environment.

Job needs

Many people working in open plan offices will be doing very different work to their colleagues and this could be disruptive. For example, they could be concentrating on a writing task while a neighbouring colleague is on a customer service call. These two activities conflict with each other, and the workspace should be able to accommodate everyone and help each individual to concentrate. The most productive offices are those which can design and create individual workspaces based on the demands and requirements of the job, not the hierarchy within a business (i.e. the boss gets a private office and everyone else is in cubicles).

Flexible collaboration

A cleverly designed office space, whether open plan or not, is one which makes collaboration easy. You shouldn’t have to book a meeting room to work together as a team, you should simply be able to grab a coffee and move to a different part of the room.  Many businesses call in a specialist to achieve this fine balance between team working and privacy. Experts in smart space thinking such as Penkeths can ensure that a workspace is tailored to the way a particular business works, improving concentration, productivity and also worker happiness.

Variety is key to maintaining a versatile business that can keep up with the pace of its competitors and the demands of the modern world. Many different kinds of spaces, breakout areas and desking layouts gives employees more choice on how and where to work. This can improve morale, as well as boosting engagement throughout the company.

Greenery, natural light and morale

Whether you work in an office or in your own workspace at home, you should never underestimate the importance of natural elements such as plants, greenery and lots of sunlight. These are automatic morale-boosters, which make you feel more positive and alert. This nearly always equates to greater productivity.

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